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What is your morning Hair Routine? Please reply

Ladies I need your help. I have medium length wavy hair and need a professional look. I need to learn different ways to do my hair and watched numerous youtube videos however most of the hair styles look so time consuming for a workerbee like me. Please share your hair routine so I can try it out, i need to do my hair fast and have to be out the door by 7:30am most weekdays. For example here is my hair routine: Weekdays - hair routine timeframe: 15 minutes - Wash hair at night (every other night), no blow drying.In the morning, apply heat protectant hair serum and flat iron, tease roots and hairspray. Weekends - hair routine timeframe: 1 hour - Deep condition, wash/blow dry with round brush, large hot rollers for 20 minutes. Hair looks beautiful when I have time. What other styles or styling tools should i try for quick morning hair routine? I welcome any ideas.