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Re: What is your favorite decollette cream?

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I also use Bare Minerals Ageless Genius Neck Cream on chest area, twice a day.  My neck is definitely improved after less than a year, and my decolette is smoother too, and I'm 72.   


Most other creams I tried were too strong like Gold Bond and actually burned my skin, or too rich (Josie Maran whipped body butter) and made chest area break out.


Truly I was despairing about the look of my neck and it is very much improved now.  It will never be what it was, but the worst has been alleviatet; I am not so self conscious about it anymore, so that's a good result.

@author....I agree...Josie Maran is very greasy, I used the spf 47 on my chest because it was much too oily for my face, and the butters also are very greasy.

As Shanus and you mentioned, the Ageless Genius sounds good.😊

Tonight, I did my nightly routine of regenerol, following PTR pads, then I put some virgin coconut oil on my chest and hands.  Just a switch up from Vanicream.   I was using Beekmans cream before too.  As for the Ageless genius,  looks like qvc has the best offer, for 2 jars.

@Dazlin  Whichever products/regimen you choose, give it at least 6 wks. to see change (or not). So often, we use something for 2 weeks, don’t see a difference & go on to the next product. With exchange policy now until end of Jan. on Q, perfect time to give a product a trial period.

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Re: What is your favorite decollette cream?

My favorite non skinn neck product would be - 

Elysee YouthSpan™ Resculpting Concentrate. This sculpts & firms your neck like nobodys business. Its an all in one neck product & I use it as my nighttime treatment. After slathering whatever serum goes on my face, I add this to the mix & then seal it off with a neck mask or a good peptide cream.


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Re: What is your favorite decollette cream?

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It has taken me a few years to realize that a separate neck cream is not necessary. Anything that is hydrating enough for the face and body will work well as a neck cream. More importantly is to use an SPF on the neck and chest which is what I do everyday. I just can't use my Retin A on that area. Have tried several times but it breaks me out.