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Re: What is the best body butter?

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I also use the Alpha lotion on my feet. It really helps them stay soft and it keeps the hard skin from getting harder, especially for me with the scleroderma hard skin.

That Alpha lotion has been sold out forever on Ulta. 




I buy that lotion from NeotericCosmetics dot com. That's the company who makes it. Be sure to subscribe to their mailing list. They offer some good deals from time to time, usually a buy-2-get-1.

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Re: What is the best body butter?

Love Perlier body butters!
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Re: What is the best body butter?

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I know @SilleeMee . I just don't like the feel of them on my body and waiting them to absorb (if ever) enough to get dressed. That's why I use an oil to "seal". Just like on my face, it seems to absorb faster and not leave a residue.


Thanks always for your info here. If I haven't wished this for you yet...Happy Holidays to you and your family.

@Shanus , didn't you start a thread calling Josie wrong when she said an oil she was selling goes on last?  You said serums and oils go on the skin first.  Now you are saying you use an oil to seal?


Maybe I'm thinking of a different poster?  

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Re: What is the best body butter?

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@LipstickDiva   I mix my oil in with body moisturizer. I may have made a comment about Josie's oil, but I don't consider hers a dry oil for the face. Dry oils can go on the face first (thin products like a serum go on first and work up to the thickest one) or at night mixed w/ moisturizier or used on top. Whatever works best. I think my comment was referring to Josie's recommendations of 3 or more  argan infused oil products worn on top of each other. I doubt if that much oil is necessary. IMO, that's overkill and just an attempt to sell more products.


*** In this thread (not about Josie's thread) but body butters, I mention mixing my oils with body mosturizers.