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What is A Pump? or How Do You Pump?

With all the different bottle sizes and pump sizes, how do you pump? Do you go all the way down or do you do a quick pump?

The reason I ask is because I was watching a youtube video and someone was giving Wen a review. This was one of the questions and the amount that comes from a pump (even the same size bottle) is different. Multiply that by ? and you get a completely different amount that you use when cleansing.

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Re: What is A Pump? or How Do You Pump?

It's meant to be a full pump otherwise they'd have no way to measure. Once you get used to that amount in your hands, I think most of use start customizing and using half pumps etc . You have to keep making adjustments as your hair grows. There was a thread recently where a poster discussed getting less in the way of results until they realized they were using the same amount but their hair had grown. I think it is all about experimentation.
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Re: What is A Pump? or How Do You Pump?

Pump is all the way down and letting the pump rise all the way up before pumping again. Also, if you read the directions, every size bottle specifies a different number of pumps according to the bottle size and the amount that each full pump disperses. So you end up with the same amount of product across the border.
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Re: What is A Pump? or How Do You Pump?

At the top of the description on the 32 oz Cleansing Conditioners (A238707) there's a .pdf on "How Much to Use", the link is Also, in the FAQs, there's a question about how many pumps per bottle - a 16 oz bottle has approx. 160 pumps, a 32 oz has approx. 192 pumps. The reason there's not double the number of pumps between a 16 oz and 32 oz is the 32 oz pump has a longer stroke and a wider tube so more comes out for each pump.

If you are wanting to be sure, pump into a measuring cup and you can see what a full pump measures or what the amount of pumps you use looks like. There was a thread a while ago about how many WENners counted pumps and how many "glopped" or went by feel - think it ended up about 50-50. As Kjelle said, it's about experimentation - after you've used WEN a while, you just get a feel for what feels right in your hand and in your hair.

The amount I use varies depending on how long it's been since I last cleansed, whether I am cleansing out an oil treatment, or just how my hair feels that day.