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What did you use up this week? 8/13

Hi Friends,


Used up:


Philosophy Lime Light 3 n1- this was nice and refreshing for summer. Replaced with Philosophy Go Go Bananas from the stash.


Gave away:


I gave several makeup brushes including a travel set to my daughter. She appreciated them. 


How about you?


Have a good weekend. Be well all!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

[ Edited ]


*QRx Labs Glycolic Toner - didn't like it, it was irritating and left a sticky residue 

*Alba Botanica Hawaiian Face Wash Coconut Milk - didn't like it, it was irritating 



*Some expired BB creams

*A few more old lipsticks

*A few old Skinn lip 6x balm pots

Used up:

*Gold Bond Neck & Chest - had a new one ready to open 

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

Good morning.  I didn't use up anything but I am close on a few things so hopefully next week I'll have something to report.


I did toss:


Pur Minerals Tinted Moisturizer - full size. This was something I rec'd in a BoxyCharm.  I just did not care for this.  It provided no coverage at all and I hated the way it felt on my face.  My Cerave tinted sunscreen provides more coverage than this did.     


Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

Hi Friends!

This week I used up a Neutorgena Hydro Boost Body Gel Lotion. it is good but I do prefer the Body Balm which I have in my stash!


That's all for me. Have a great weekend!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

I am "this" close to using up the josie maran crystal balm.  And i waiting to see if there is a free shipping event to get the new lemon and tangerine set.   I don't know why but lately I am a miser on shipping charges.  So many on line retailers offer free shipping and returns.... Its like why not qvc? 

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

After a few weeks of not using up anything, I finally have many items to report this week.


I used up a box of Loreal Excellence Cream Hair Dye. It's my favorite brand of hair dye.


a big tub of Beekman Body Cream in Honeyed Grapefruit. When I first used it during the winter months, I really didn't care for the scent, but I started liking it during the summer months. It's a nice refreshing summer scent.


a small tube of Perlier Hand Cream in Shea Butter and Lemon.. Again, it is a nice summer scent.


a packet of Mighty Patch.  It is a pimple patch that I got from Target.  It is good and effective. I'll have to go back to Target to get more.


a bottle of Raw Sugar Hand Soap. It is just ok. Replaced with Tarder Joe's hand soap which I like much better.


That is all for me this week. It feels good to finally have a big list to report.


Have a great weekend, Beauties!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

The only thing I used up this week was Paula's Choice Niacinamide treatment.  Have replaced it with The Ordinary Niacinamide.  Want to see if I like The Ordinary one as much and if so, will use it as it is much more reasonably priced.


So close on a couple other things, maybe next week I can report on those.


Have a good weekend!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

This week I used up an 8oz. Purity Made Simple wash and refilled it from my large bottle. Love it.


I finished and discarded a rollerball perfume Versace's Bright Crystal. Like it, but will not be repurchasing. I have other fragrances that I should move along.


Last week, I returned that new Dolly Parton perfume because I didn't like it. It gave me encouragement to finally throw out what was left in the bottle of La Vie Est Belle and it's purse spray. The Dolly perfume was reminiscent of this and I knew it would sit in my closet too. I have too many perfumes that I like; to keep ones I don't, and so I let them go. That's it. Have a nice weekend.

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

Hi beauties, I used up.


Dr. Denese hydrating cleanser.  This was part of a TSV or kit, it lasted quite a while.  Replaced with few 1 or 2 oz purity.  Old travel sizes I want to use up.  


Thst’s it for me this week.  Have a safe weekend.  Can’t believe it is mid August already.  

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Re: What did you use up this week? 8/13

I used up:


-a Leaders 7 Wonders Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask.  This was an okay sheet mask, but nothing I would seek out to repurchase.  I found it to be hydrating, but am not sure about the pore minimizing claim.


-a .45 oz. container of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.  This is one of those products where I don't get the 5-star rating.  It doesn't exfoliate very well and is expensive.  Personally, I can only use it during the Summer because I have dry skin.  I got this free from Ulta and figured I would use it up.  It's not awful, but it's not something I would purchase.


-a packet of Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum.  I don't know if what I got was expired or if it is always like this, but let me preface what I'm about to say by telling you that I'm a guinea pig mom and have had guinea pigs for years.  So anyway, as soon as I started to apply this to my face, my first thought was, "this smells like guinea pig pee."  I washed it off immediately, and obviously will not be purchasing any.  Glad I got a sample packet and not a full bottle. 🙊😫



That is all for this week.  At least I got some stuff I don't love out of my stash.


Hope Summer is treating you well.



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