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What did you use up this week? 6/4

Hello Friends,


Thought I would start the thread this week.


Used up:


Philosophy The Present Skin Perfector- this has worked to protect my face from irritation from having to wear my mask at work all school year. Replaced with the same from stash.


32 oz. Philosophy Pure Grace Lotion- a favorite. Replaced with Pure Grace Whipped Body Creme from stash.


Bliss Foaming Face Wash- nice, not irritating to my eyes. Replaced with Purity from stash.


What did you use up?


Have a good weekend. Be well all!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

Had been looking for a sharpened, creamy brow pencil and someone on these boards recommended L'Oréal Brow Stylist & Definer.  It was exactly what I needed since the black brows began a slow disappearing act !


Got 2 so I had a spare !



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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

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time...and I can't find anybody selling some anywhere.  It seems I've run out of it.  :I mean I don't want much...not sure if they would take my charge card if I find some to buy but I would guess paying for time with my credit card would buy me even more time since I can pay for it over time.  smileylol:

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

Good morning.  Mine is a couple week list.


Maybelline Sky High Mascara - full size.  This is a good lengthening mascara but not good with volume which is what I need more.  I don't love mascaras that have the plastic bristles like this and I don't love the overly long and flexible wand.  This was also a little more difficult to remove. I wouldn't buy this again.


Gold Bond Foot Cream - full size.  Wasn't a big fan of this. Didn't seem to do a whole lot.  I wouldn't buy again.


AmLactin Lotion - full size. This is my holy grail for keeping the chicken skin on my upper arms gone.  I replaced with the same.


Garnier Milk Face Wash with Rose Water - full size.  I have started to use a make-up removing balm so I wanted something gentle to use afer.  I love the scent of this and the feel but this doesn't remove make-up at all.  I ended up using this as a gentle morning face wash and I went back to my Clean & Clear after my balm.  I wouldn't buy this again because I use the store brand of Cetaphil for my morning cleanse. 


L'Oreal Brilliant Eyes Liquid Shadow in Amethyst Quartz - full size.  I love this shadow.  It comes with a doe foot applicator. This is a great one and done eyeshadow for me.  I just put it on my lids and slightly above my crease, blend it in with a brush and I'm done.  It's a great color for my green eyes, lasts all day and doesn't crease.  I just re-ordered this along with another color. 


MaryKay Hand Cream - travel size.  My BFF sells MK so whenever I buy something, which isn't often, she throws in one of these.  The hand cream is okay but I don't care for the smell. 


That is it for me.  I hope everyone has a safe and healthy weekend and week ahead.  It is supposed to get warm and humid for us.  The weather this week has been pretty depressing.  Lots of gray skies and rain.            

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

@kathie66 thank you for starting the thread this week.  Always look forward to reading everyone's posts.


This week I used up Paula's Choice Niacinamide treatment.  Replaced with another from  my stash.  


Thats it for this week.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

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1. My Vit. C serum is just about finished and saw, on a talk show yesterday, a product by Bliss which is a stable  Vit.C, brightening ingredients, antioxidents, etc. Sounded like a great product and they said one is sold every 4 minutes...not sure how they track that. Anyway, looking into that one today. 


2. I also used up my large CeraVe tub of body cream and my pure shea butter from Amazon (both a definite repurchase). 


3. My huge pumper bottle of the yellow Creme de Corps Kiehl's body moisturizer...purchased at Nordstrom Anniversary sale almost empy...will not buy again. Drgustore porducts jsut as good if not better. 


4. I'm almost of eye cream (and my backup) and did not repurchase my Skinceuticals Eye Balm. I'll be looking for one much more emollient, Hate to say it, but may go back to my BB Extra Eye Repair cream.... So trying to move away from BB in general, but there are certain products (can't find a better match for me in any foundations, concealers, etc.) that I will be loyal to....*Huh, italics? Lol

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

Thank you @kathie66 for starting the thread.


I used up a jar of Origins GinZing Moisturizer.  This is my favorite summer moisturizer. It feels lightweight and refreshing.  Replacing it with Clinique's Moisture Surge.


That is all for me this week. Have a great weekend!



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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

Used up a 1.6 Oz. tube of Lancôme Rose Jelly Mask.


Nice for wearing before bed. It melts away, no need to remove it with soap & water. Rose fragrance wasn't overpowering. I believe it was bought with a similar sized Rose Sugar Scrub.



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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

I used up:


-a packet of Fourth Ray Beauty's cleansing oil.  It was fine.  I can't see myself purchasing it in the future though.  I have olive oil in the kitchen I can use if I want to, or one of my facial oils.


-a bottle of The Ordinary's Niacinamide & Zinc Serum.  Replaced with same.


-a bottle of The Ordinary's Buffet Serum.  Replaced with same.


-a tube of Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser.  This isn't actually finished, but I have cut the tube open and scraped out what remains.  Figured I would post now, or I will forget.  This cleanser is great for dry weather.  It's okay during warmer weather too, but I will be working on the First Aid Beauty Cleanser after I'm done with this.



I tossed:


-Fourth Ray Beauty Glisten Up Mist.  I don't know why I bought this.  It has shimmer in it.  I really don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe I thought it wouldn't be noticeable?  Not sure, but I tried to pour it through a coffee filter to get the shimmer out, and it didn't work.  So I tossed it.  I have other things I want to use up and don't feel like getting shimmer all over everything.



That's all for this week.  Have a nice weekend!! 🍧

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/4

Ah, @mistriTsquirrel ! I just tuned in here to see your darling squirrel pictures.