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What did you use up this week? 6/2

Hi Friends,


Used up:


Korres Honey Donut Shower Gel- I used this up as hand soap and loved it. Helped my hands not get dry and cracked this winter. I will definitely be using Korres again in my hand soap dispensers once the season changes. For now, I'm replacing it with Raw Sugar Men's Body Wash in Citrus and Blue Agave. I bought this for my DH to use in the shower but he says it doesn't lather enough and didn't care for it, so in the dispenser, it goes for the summer. I'm already missing the Korres!


Old Whaling Co. Bath Bomb in Sea La Vie- this was a gift, it smelled very nice. Have lots more bath bombs in the stash.


Mally Mascara- have a couple in the stash to use up still. 


Gave Away:


Several brown eyeliners that I found in the stash to my daughter.

Also, some powders and highlighters from the stash went to her as well.


How about you?


Have a good weekend. Be well all!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

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Hi Kathie and beauty friends.  I used up:


Sensodyne toothpaste.  I bought this for my SO, and he didn't like it, but I didn't want to toss it, so I used it up.  Was ok for me.


Philosophy micro delivery wash.  Emptied a 4 oz bottle, and will refill from my new 32 oz I got for Christmas.  I like this for am cleansing.

Happy body cream.  This was a small GWP size tub.  I'm not a huge Clinique happy fan, but used this up on elbows and legs.  Not a repurchase.  

Have a good weekend.  Friday Eve!  


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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Hi @kathie66 and beauty friends.  Here is what I used up:


Timeless - Vitamin C.  Replaced with Lab Direct Vit C.  Will see if I like the Lab Direct more.


SKINN Cosmetics - Olive and Enzyme cleanser.  This is their night cleanser.  Going to use up some of my small 2oz travel size cleansers before opening another one of these.


Clinique - Eye makeup remover.  Replaced with same.


Tree Hut - Vitamin C Sugar Shea Sugar Scrub with AHA.  Replaced with same.



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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Wart remover

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Good morning everyone!


Trader Joe's Retinol-I typically use Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion on my neck, decollete, forearms, and hands. Still, I got sucked into a Signature Club A version. I wasn't sure how much retinol was in it, so I also used this. It will not be a repurchase since I have the PTR on AD for two years, and the tubs are supersized, so I am good for a while.


Eva Naturals Vit C-I bought this after seeing it somewhere, and it has excellent reviews. I was happy with it and would repurchase it. I switch it up and will be using Beekman for a while.


Eva-NYC Mane Magic 10 in 1 primer-I have used this for about three years and love it. I use it a few times a week and love how lightweight it is. It makes my hair so shiny, and I always get compliments on how good I smell when I use this. This is a repurchase. A few months ago, Sally's had it on sale buy two get one free, and I picked up six cans. That is how much I love it.


Korres Hand Rescue-It came in a duo, and I hate it. I should have sent it back. It is not moisturizing at all, and it pills up on itself. I must mix some of their Early Harvest Olive Oil to get anything out of it. I have one tube down and will struggle to use the second up.


Beauty Spy Hair Repair Oil-This is one of the nicest Beauty Spy products I have purchased. I got it at a low clearance price when HSN had their $75.00 shipping deals. I needed something to reach the threshold. It is too heavy to use as a daily hair oil, and the reviews reflect that. I used it to oil my hair before washing it, and it did a great job. I would repurchase just for hair oiling again. I already have another brand on deck, but I will watch for a sale price.


Josie Maran Supersize Body Butter-From the AD last year. Since I buy her TSV Supersize in two scents on AD, I have plenty in my stash and always look forward to opening a different scent when I reach the bottom of a tub. I haven't opened any of this years yet, so I am excited to try them. I can't decide which one to open.


KÉRASTASE Nutritive Blow-Dry Primer for Dry Hair-My stylist recommended it since my hair was so dry. I liked this and would repurchase it, but it has been discontinued.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Only 1 - MD Complete THD vitamin C. I use this a.m. & p.m. and have others on hand.


Good weekend!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

HELLO EVERYONE.   Wishing you all another HAPPY FRIDAY and great weekend.


Used up:


Clinique Chubby Stick Lip in Chunky Cherry (several back ups for sure)

PTR 6.7 oz Retinol (3 back ups - love -  use to refill my smaller bottles)

Joan Rivers Lip liner (Crimson) - the last of my JR liners (I think!!!)





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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Hello All!


Just 2 things for me:

-Pantene Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, the large pump bottles, seemed to take forever to use. Replaced with smaller bottles of the same!


Have a great weekend!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

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I threw away a latex wedge that was used with my JM tinted moisturizer.


I dropped and broke the eye dropper to my black rice hylauaronic acid  and that dried up on me. Fortunately, Skip from Perlier was on with that and the eye contour, of which I love. 
So, I am awaiting that. It really works for me.

That's all for me this week.


@JudyL  I received and dislike the RMS lip purchase from last week. They SUCK! The colors are the same as I purchased last year, they were renamed and  changed to a new and improved formula NOT! B.S. They are extra matte, in my opinion. I'm totally bummed. 
Needless to say; you skipping them was a good choice.

I am returning them only because I am tired of keeping makeup that is not what was described. I will take the hit on the return and lesson learned!  Umm. yeah, right! 😝 

I always accidentally post on your Beauty purchases thread, and then have to cut and paste it here.


@MrsCat21  The luminess hasn't arrived yet.


Have a good weekend  ☀️ Beauty friends. 

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/2

Hi All.  I used up a few things this week, not too much. It's my birthday today and I'm really fighting the urge to get myself the Perlier blood orange body mousse.  🌷

Here's my list: 


Derma E SPF Mineral Powder - it was partially use and I couldn’t remember how old it was.


Tretinoin - used up my tube, had another in waiting


Prai Throat & Dec. Cream - used up, had another in waiting


Degree Deodorant - opened a new one


Laura Geller Supersize B-n-B Foundation w/Bronze Spackle (was the recent TSV) - I cancelled the future shipment in my A/D plan. The products are fine.  I just have a lot of inventory to get through and didn’t need to add more.