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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/17

Why thank you, @lynnie61 .  A light cream sounds more preferable to me. Woman Happy

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/17

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Hello all~


Tossed what was left of a Perfect Formula top coat. Went to use it and realized it had gotten too thick and sticky, (it was a little over two years old and only about a 1/4 left.) Thought I had hardly used that, did it shrink down? lol. Oh well.


NARS concealer in Creme Brulee'. Tried it recently on recommendation from sales girl at Sephora...worked well for me; replaced already with same. Also trying the Sephora brand in Sable, that they had previously recommended for me, but were out of. It's deeper than the NARS Creme Brulee', which covers my circles, but also brightens me up a bit there. But with a tan in the summer, sometimes a little deeper is good...I may layer them. The Sephora Sable looks more seamless on my skin, the NARS gives me more of a lift...the two together also works nicely.


Finished up a Loreal Super Lusterous Original mascara...replaced with same. Been using this a few years, still like it. It replaced my former Holy Grail, Mally's original mascara, which I'm still sad that went away. She may still make it but when the company was sold my last one I bought just wasn't the same. Then tried the newer one she was marketing, didn't like it at all...not at all the same. So switched to the Loreal after asking for drug store recommends here, and it's fine. There are others I've seen recommended, just haven't wanted to bother to switch around a lot lately.


That's it for now. Still using up all I have without buying stuff...and my stashes are going down, (not that they are large stashes) and that's a good thing. Plenty still to use, and don't need anything.


Sephora did give me some nice samples when there this time as my birthday month is coming a "Juliette's Got A Gun" (I know weird name) cologne sample in "Sweet Magnolia" (nice!) A men's cologne sample, I gave to bf..forget name but was spicy and nice. And a Tacha 3 piece moisterizer/face wash/serum kit, I'm excited to try, and use as my travel moisterizers.


Only recently did purchase LG new "liquid to powder" eye shadow, in the "cool tones"...just came yesterday, haven't tried yet. Only bought them because they are matte/neutral, something I didn't have in eye shadows and wanted; all my others have shimmer, and I'd like some matte too. Not sure how I'm going to like these but wanted to try them...I'll report back.


Have a good week, all!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 6/17

I used up ELF shadow lock eyelid primer, so I tried my ELF poreless putty primer instead.  The website said that it can be used on eyelids, and it worked.  My eyeshadow stayed in place for over 8 hours. I probably won't need to buy special eyelid primer when the other works just fine. It isn't drying and doesn't irritate my eyelids. 

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