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Re: What did you use up this week? 5/26

Well, @JudyL I bought the trio last year when she had them and I loved everyone of them. That being said her TSV last year had a lipstick in it. Everyone on the boards agreed that it was a very muddy color.
I use it on my lids and I like it there.


She said these are a new formula and they are definitely different shades. I even like her red. If it's like the one I got last year I'll be happy. 

Since I saw her tissue trick last night, I have tried it  3 times today 😆 and it seems it does do something for your lips. I think she said it was to stop it from bleeding and defining the lip line, and no over blotting to keep the color where it should be.


I like her tips. I always put the lipstick naturally in the corners of my mouth. I always try not to miss her shows.


I will definitely let you know if I think it was a worthwhile buy.

And also @MrsCat21  I will let you  know about the Luminess purchase. 😊