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Re: What did you use up this week? 5/21



I've spent most of my makeup wearing life wearing drugstore products.  I'd always read/heard that drugstore is just as good as highend.  Well it's not.  I first discovered that at the Chanel counter in Dillards.  That was it!  I started my transition to dept store makeup starting with a Chanel lip gloss.  Then foundation.  Then eyeshadows.  Then mascara.  Last year I discovered luxury skincare.  Goodbye OoO and Neutrogena, hello Tatcha, Glow Recipe and (ok, not high end) The Ordinary.  My skin and makeup has never looked better.  One thing I don't understand tho.  Why can't drugstore makeup companies make the incredible eyeshadow colors that heck even Colourpop can make and they're not even high end.  I'd like to find Pat McGrath-like duo chromes at Walmart Smiley Wink

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Re: What did you use up this week? 5/21

This week I finished:

Tube of Tweak'd Scalp Scrub (have a stash)
Bar of artisan soap (have a stash)
Perlier Black Rice Eye Serum (taking a break - not replacing immediately)
Distinction Firmalift Face & Eye Serum (had another in reserve)
Tube of .1% Tretinoin Gel (had a .05% in reserve so am using that until I can get more)
Bottle of CeraVe PM Moisturizer (had a backup ready)
Tube of L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier (ordered more)


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Re: What did you use up this week? 5/21

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~Donated lots of items that I didn't like to a lady in town who was less well off but loves makeup. She was happy. I was out of money from the bad purchases but her happiness made me happy!!!


~I am going to experiment with moving to drugstore beauty products in makeup and skincare soon. I want to see how I can live with less prestigious makeup and skincare because when we retire in a few years we won't have the same budget. I have been reading about "high-end dupes" and I want to see if I can still look good and spend less." Drugstore makeup is getting a lot of good press right now so I am going to see as I use up my high-end products.

I love that you made that woman's day by sharing your products with her...that's great!


I too want to do the drugstore thing. I have already switched to a Revlon mascara when Mally stopped making my favorite. And this year I bought Loreal "Infallible Glow" wand concealer, I'm very happy with, since Mally has long since stopped making my favorite "Holy Grail" cream concealer. Tried IT but it's too thick and hard to apply. This Loreal is light, easy to apply, good coverage and pretty good staying power, doesn't look too heavy on. Also comes in plenty of shades, and I was able to pick a good match easily.


I am next contemplating skincare...either drugstore, or "natural" products, which may come from healthfood stores or Amazon...or online somewhere. Just guessing some of the natural ones may not be in the drugstore, but they may be.

@Squirrel Lover maybe you could share as you try things, or start a thread on that...I know it comes up for discussion, at times, here...and feel many women would be interested. Much as I've always liked Philosophy Hope in A Jar...when it went over $125 to buy...I quit it. I've always loved DD products and used them for years, and got a good deal on that AD, so I kept letting that come.  But, honestly, and I know this...not taking any years off me...but my skin is soft and healthy looking. I believe another good, less "prestigious" cream will do the same.

@amyb I also want to go this route.  Thinking of retiring next year and know my budget will be limited.  Right now I've got a few things on AD and will continue those until the AD runs out but want to start switching over to drugstore or natural brands.  Having a thread going about it would be great idea.  I learn so much from everyone here and trying to find the right product can sometimes be overwhelming.  Hearing what other women like/don't like is so helpful.

@JudyL Just fyi...there are many threads started like this, but with my quick search, all I found were older ones...I think the newest might have been 2018. You might peruse at least some of the newer ones. That is how I tired my current Revlon mascara, which I've been happy with. But yes, I agree...I can start a new thread on that topic if people want..maybe after I actually have more things to suggest. As yet I've only replaced a few things with drugstore brands, and haven't even gotten into face creams yet. I'll keep that in mind. That is, unless someone else starts one first. I too think it would be a helpful thread! (I said to all this "renewed interest" in drugstore brands, they'll start raising prices too. lol. But still...I think CVS (coupons), Target etc...going to be good sources at this point.)

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Re: What did you use up this week? 5/21

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I just remembered....this past week, while emptying a large travel duffle bag I was going to donate...found several travel toiletries....and then while cleaning a bedroom closet found even more!  I consolidated them, and threw out old stuff, or things I no longer will use. I still have too much of it! But hopefully, will continue to cull the stash. I find when I travel I've been using my most current brands most, not all this backstock. Maybe I'll start to use it up again now that I'm conscious.of what I have.