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What did you use up this week? 1/28

Hi Friends,


Used up:


2 -Eucalyptus Bath Bombs- These were nice, no name on the packaging. My sister gifted them to me.


Cold Spring Apothecary Custom Bath Salts- Really enjoyed these. This was a Christmas gift from my daughter-in-law. Smelled so nice and so soothing. I would purchase these myself.


How about you?


Stay safe in the snow if this storm is in your area this weekend.


Have a good weekend. Be well all!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

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Hi all~


I guess safe to say I've been scraping the bottom of my Loreal Brow Stylist for a somehow still works but been on rock bottom for a while. I'd tried to find it again at my CVS, which no longer carries it. Amazon does, and it's only $6.99. 

However, I decided, after seeing good reviews on Q to try Chella Eyebrow Defining gel this time instead, (it's en route to me), bought from Amazon b'cuz I save money not paying shipping there.

Orginally, I'd wanted a clear gel that just kept your eyebrows in place...but wound up trying the Loreal which comes in color...I use blonde...and it was fine. It did add some color, but subtley, and  my brows probably could use a little filling in. But I have pencils for that.

And it's such a small amount you get...the product is only in the small 1 1/2" black part of the tube, not the other half where you'd think it is. From reviews, many, like myself, were surprised to find this out.  Anyway, I might use it again sometime, but I'll see how this Chella goes.


That's it for use ups for me this week. Still got plenty of what I need. I really should go through all old makeup again though.


Have a good weekend~Blizzard coming here to CT...18" expected??! And lots of strong winds. Yikes. ❄️💨❄️💨❄️ 🙏 we keep our power!!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

@amyb Hoping power stays on for both of us! I am your neighbor in N.Y. (We are about 30 minutes from Danbury) My daughter lives in Middletown CT. Stay safe!!

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

Elemis Pro Collagen  Rose Cleansing balm-  I replaced with the same and ordered some more on sale on Beauty day. The scent is soothing and comforting to my skin in Winter. It takes off all eye makeup as well. I only use in Winter as too rich for me to use in summer.


January is almost over... Yay!



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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

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My lash curler went "on the fritz". Eye shape hasn't changed, but keep nipping my lids. Ouch! I purchased a SHISEIDO which is rated one of the best.. I'll test if it's better for me.


Which curlers do you use, beauties?

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

Victoria Principal Reclaim Eyemazing eye serum. Love this as a wake up serum in the a.m. Of course, I had a standby.


My peppermint essential oil has 1 drop left. This I use on sore muscles - you know, like after shoveling snow. Have more on hand.



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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

My Glow Recipe juicy pink moisturizer is almost gone, but I have another bottle to replace it. 


I don't use eyelash curlers. My clear mascara is enough. I think that those curlers resemble medieval torture devices; can't imagine using one on myself. They probably work well, but not willing to try any. 

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

Hi everyone....   I have used up SO MUCH the past month, gave away a lot and reorganized much,  but have not had a minute to post!   Well,  here I am now with my latest....

Threw away some old concealors that were just blah.


Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Liner (black) ...  my FAVORITE!  Have many back ups!

FAB Ultra Repair Cream - another favorite and again,  back ups!

Lancome Definicils mascara - back up ready

Heart & Seoul lipstick - back up ready

Lancer small tubes of the cleanse and nourish (bought the TSV-hoping the nourish smells better in that than in my little tube,  I like it but the scent is not pleasant)



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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

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This week,

I used up:

*Hylamide SubQ Eye Serum - bought this when The Ordinary/Deciem was having their November sale.  I use just one drop and split between both eyes AM & PM.  The .5 oz. bottle has lasted me 8 weeks.  I bought two so I was ready with a replacement and will be ordering more. 

*Vasanti Brighten Up Skin Rejuvenator - I usually have a backup on hand but I don't at the moment.  


I've been finding random containers with tiny amounts of product that either isn't enough for a single application or I didn't like it, or it got left behind when I moved on to something else.  There's no sense in allowing them to just site there and take up space, so I did some pitching this week. 

*PTR Pumpkin Mask - I have a brand new, sealed jar but am waiting to use it until maybe next weekend.

*PTR Rose Mask - I have a new one of these too.  I'm currently using up Skinn Divine Elixir Luminous Mask (have a small stockpile of them 🤪)

*Jergens Skin Firming Lotion - it's been sitting on a bathroom shelf for who knows how long. It's a fine product but I've got a boatload other body moisturizer and butters that I know this one needs to go.

*Tweak'd Restore Conditioning Thickening Foam - yes, I love Tweak'd but this foam was also sitting there unused and  couldn't recall why.  I decided to try it again the other day and was reminded and affirmed that the "Restore" line just isn't for me. I'm 100% a Rise & Shine girl 

*Cetaphil Gentle Oil Free Makeup Remover - I haven't touched this in ages.  I prefer. a cleansing balm or cleansing oil as my makeup remover 

*It's a 10 Blow Dry Balm - probably a teaspoon of product left in the tube.  I liked it but have moved on.

*Skinn Peach Butter Cuticle Balm - can't even recall buying this so it's probably expired 

*Skinn Orange Blossom Body Butter - over it 

*Skinn Hollywood Velvet Lip Palette - beautiful colors.  I haven't touched this in probably two years.  It didn't smell bad, so I was tempted to keep it, but the lip color applies with a lip brush and I find that inconvenient for reapplying when I'm out somewhere.  That's why I have t used it all this time. If Dimitri made these shades in actual lipsticks, I'd be on board 

*Revlon Microdermabrasion Wand - I have posted in a thread with this as the title, how this tool jacked up my face and is not for me.  You can read there, if interested.

DH and I are headed out for some errands this morning, dinner out this afternoon, and we will be going to a Christian music concert this evening.


Y'all stay warm and have a great weekend! ⛄️

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Re: What did you use up this week? 1/28

I didn't use up anything but I tossed so many items due to wrong color, age, smell factor---now what to do with 4,000 asst brushes!!! geez.....Woman Mad