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Hi ladies! I'm feeling good today. Don't know why. Not everything is perfect in my life, but today I feel okay. Like, great, you know. Anyway, I wanted to share my happiness and open up a discussion on what we like best about BE. I know we've done this in the past and it's a great way for all of our lovely newbies to share their joys and maybe learn a few new ones from those who have been wearing it for so long.

I'll start. Hello, my name is Free and I've been wearing BE for over 12 yrs. I love how BE has really taken care of my complexion. Plus, I love how Leslie has created an entire line that covers the gamut of personal beauty, so much so, that I don't really need to drift anywhere else, if I want something like moisturizer, perfume, body scrub, acne treatment, etc. Remember years ago how we had to buy multiple products from multiple manufacturers in order to complete our skin regiment line. Last, I love how Leslie creates kits that are complete. Many times she includes, foundation, finishing powder, coordinating eye colors including a liner, mascara, blush and lip color. Heck she even throws in brushes and a primer or two. The kits that Leslie creates are great, because they are designed to take the guess work out of what to wear especially for those who are just starting out in makeup.

Well, that's my $0.02 for what it's worth.{#emotions_dlg.w00t} What do you like best about BE? Inquiring minds what to know.