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What Happened To Amazing Grace?

I used Amazing Grace a few years ago. But with money being tight I could no longer afford to buy it. So for Christmas I had my family buy me only Aamazing Grace products. I got the 3 in 1 shower gel, shampoo, the body lotion, spitzer and deoderant. I couldn' wait to use it. I took my first bath and LOVED how I smelled after layering all of them on. . But shortly after that I could no longer smell it on me. I bought Amazing Grace so I could smell it. I don't care if others can smell it later on I want it so I can smell it. I am so disappointed in these products. I'm now stuck with enough Amazing Grace to last a year and I will only be able to enjoy it for only a very short time after I take my bath. I remember years ago that I could smell it for atleast a few hours. Did they change the formula? The Amazing Grace scent isn't consistent between the products. it seems like the body lotion has the best scent. The spritzer has too much of an alcohol smell to it. Does anyone elase notice the scent doesn't last long?