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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

I used up:


-a tube of Honeybee Gardens Lip Balm in Orange Mimosa.  I use this as a lip mask at night.


-a sample tube of Origins Hello Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask.  This didn't do anything.  Then again, I did rinse it off rather than just wiping it off like the instructions said, but I didn't like the smell of it.  Not something I would purchase.


-a sheet mask...Tony Moly Master Lab Intensive Moisturizing Ceramide Moisture Care.  I forgot how much I like this mask.  My face felt so nice after using it and applying a little bit of argan oil over the serum when done.  I saved the leftover serum to use in the following days, and that was nice to use.



I tossed:


-some foundation samples that didn't contain enough foundation for me to cover my whole face.  What good is a foundation sample that only contains enough for me to put a stripe on my face?  The odds that the color will match me perfectly are not good when they only provide 3 shades, so it's not likely to be useful for color-matching. 


If a generous sample is a little "off" in shade, I can either darken it up with bronzer or run it down my neck if it's a little too dark.  That way I can at least tell how it wears and whether it will break me out, etc.  In the future all samples that don't contain at least one full use are going straight into the garbage.


-Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner in Nasubi Purple.  I've never been able to get this to look nice.  I've tried several different brushes and the line always looked jagged and patchy in its pigmentation. 





-put a Michael Todd Kaolin Mask (unopened) in my donation box.  Clay masks are not something I can use much anymore.  Maybe someone else can use it.



That's all for me this week!!


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