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What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

Thought I would start it this week.  


I didn't really use anything up but did toss 2 blushes that just weren't going to work.  Also tossed the QRx eye reboot.  It just didn't work for me.  I didn't like how my undereyes felt or looked after using it.


So jump in and let us know what you used up, likes, disklikes, and/or tosses.  Looking forward to reading everyone's posts.


Have a good weekend and stay cool!

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

I hit pan on my Laura Geller baked Tahitian Glow - but, I ordered another one so fast because summer is just starting in MI Smiley Happy

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

I pitched:

a half used bottle of Equate Moisturizer Cleanser (Cetaphil clone).  I'd been using it at night since February.  At first, I thought it was fine but the longer I used it I began to feel it was a bit drying.  DH retrieved it and will use it in the downstairs bathroom when he washes up after working outside. 😆

I used up:

a tube of Tretinoin - had one in reserve, ready to go and a new shipment arrived this week.

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

Well, @JudyL 

I made up for what you didn't toss or use. LOL


I saw a report on bacteria on makeup and expiration times. I got disgusted and went nuts on my older makeup. I tossed foundations

L'Oréal true match compact,

 UD Naked liquid,

Physicians Formula foundation 

Josie Maran Illumination stick,

JM small milk bottle with eye dropper


Revlon powder,

Mally powder,

NARS powder

2 Cover Girl mascara

Maybelline eyeshadow 

2 makeup kits that are old as dirt but I love! 
Bare Minerals The Magic Act Kit that had everything you could imagine it! 

UD Naked 3  Eye Pallette. I have a new unopened and a new dupe, so I'm good here.

I really downsized and I still have a ton of stuff and numerous unopened items in every category. (This has to stop) 😝 
While I was alarmed and disgusted I really took the opportunity to dump and it feels soooo good.

Great Weekend Beauties!


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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

WOW @KBEANS you did great!  Getting rid of all the old stuff does feel good.  After a while I was feeling overwhelmed with all that I had so went through everything and only kept what I felt would actually be used.  New foundation and blushes were purchased to replace old and I now have enough to last me a while.  Makes opening my makeup case a lot more fun and easier to pick out what is going to be worn that day.

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

[ Edited ]

Used up:

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - Got this in a Dermstore kit a few years back and finally tried them. I could smell that they were "off" but they felt really nice. They stuck to my face well but was easy to remove. The skin looked smooth but of course it was only temporary. I would purchase a cheaper eye patch in the future. It felt nice and like it was a "treat".


Neogen Real Vita C Powder Lemon - I mixed this powder Vit C into a serum every morning and it was fine. The real test will be if my skin changes without using it. I don't plan to repurchase it unless I see a change for the worse. BTW, this lasted me well over the 12 month use by estimation, but since it's a powder, it didn't oxide.


Jordan Samuel Retinol Treatment Oil - This is a nice face oil and my 2nd bottle. I kept it in the fridge and would decant it into a smaller bottle and it stayed fresh for the entire bottle. I would repurchase it in the future. Glad I finished it before the peak of summer.


Glossier Boy Brow - This is always nice but I want to try the ELF version, which I hear is just as good. In the mean time, I replaced it with the same from the stash.


First Aid Beauty Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask deluxe sample - This did help when I had an itch however, not any better than hydrocortisone cream.


Bioderma Micelle Solution mini - Got this from the same Dermstore kit as the eye gels. I used it as a morning cleanse to remove skincare residue (and cat fur). I repurchased a huge bottle from Costco. 



Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick in Sparkling Honey - I heard this was similar to the old Revlon Lip Butters but it's not. It's much more thin and slippery. Not worth the time to keep and use it when I have other tinted balms that I like better.

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

I get rid of  makeup etc stuff like this...


.garbage bag...


put things  in it  I think I no longer need.


I tape a paper to the bag with that days date......and keep the bag 6 months.


....if I miss something  or find I need an itemI can pull it out, but, usually I never even miss it.....


then after 6 months I throw the contents away.


I do this also with my clothes.... I donate what is in the bag  after 6 months to charity. 

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

Hi beauties, happy weekend.  I used up:


Victoria’s secret pear body lotion.  This had a nice, light scent.  I looked on my dresser, I have 9 (!) opened body lotions and creams, I like a variety to choose from.  Philosophy, BBW, JM, drugstore brands,  Most near full, some 3/4 full, and probably six unopened in the stash.  I’m seriously on a NO BUY on body lotions and shower gels for QUITE a while.  That’s why I love this thread!


Venus razor refills.  I like these but have other blades in different brand to use up.  I usually buy what is on sale.  


@KBEANS  wow what a purge!  Proud of you, I know that feels good.  


Stay safe and healthy!  Enjoy the weekend.

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

I used up:


Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo - full size.  I loved this but as time went on, I think I needed to alternate with something else because I started to notice hair loss.  I replaced this with the hydrating version which I definitely don't like as much.


Pureology Strength Cure Conditioner - full size.  I have no idea how I managed to use both up at the same time.  Anyhow, again, I replaced with the hydrating version.


The Ordinary Buffet serum - full size.  This was just meh to me.  I used this every morning and I don't notice any difference with my skin at all.  Not sure what I thought was going to happen. I replaced with a Sephora Collection wrinkle target serum.


@KBEANS , you really went ham on your collection.  LOL  That feels so good to do though. I have several shadow palettes I'm sure I could toss.  I have a small shopping bag full of brand new and unused products that I accumulated from my BoxyCharm subscription. This is one reason I dropped the subscription. I just will never use all the stuff up.


Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend and a great next week.  

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Re: What Did You Use Up This Week; 6/18

Happy weekend beauties!


I used up: a Kokie eyeliner pencil in brown- I really liked this, it glided on easily and stayed put. I replaced it with one from Essence which seems to work just as well and cost about half as much but I would definitely get the Kokie again too, it was only $6. But I prefer automatic pencils that don't need to be sharpened. I want to try to stay with those going forward. 


Beauty in Bloom Bubble bath 8.47oz- I don't take bubble baths so I used this up as shower gel. I got it in a gift set for Christmas and it was not my favorite scent. I replaced it with a Philosophy Melon Daquiri from the TiLI kit


Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Defining Cream 6oz- this made my hair feel heavy and weighed down and for this I won't purchase it again. I replaced it with a Mills Creek styling gel


That's it for me, have a great weekend everyone!