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What BE are you wearing today, Wed. 10/10/12?

Good Afternoon BEauties! {#emotions_dlg.wub} Today I decided to wear my BE Simply Irresistible kit again. It looks really pretty today! I wore the eyecolors different than last time, so I think that's what made the difference...or maybe it's my new haircolor? {#emotions_dlg.blink}

I have Heirloom all over my lid to just above crease, Posh used as liner on upper & lower lashline, Queen Phyllis applied just above crease to brow. I used my finger tip to apply the Queen Phyllis because I wanted it softer looking & was too lazy to go get my SF brush! {#emotions_dlg.laugh} Also wearing Charm Cheek Tint, Pink Marzipan 100% Natural lipgloss, BE curl & lengthen black mascara and a light dusting of Bronzing mv instead of the Secret Radiance in the kit. I felt the eyecolors had enough gold shimmer to them, so I wanted something matte for my face.

What BE are YOU wearing? Smile