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I've tried other mousse lipsticks and I'm just not a big fan.  The ones I tried were rather drying.  


But then I'm a person who has never met a matte lipstick that isn't drying if I use it a couple of days in a row.  I've tried so many that were touted as being a non-drying matte.  Not true for me. 

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A year or longer ago a really pretty Almay taupe-ish/cool beige quad eyeshadow showed up on my Amazon page.  Have no idea why since I hadn't purchased makeup on Amazon.  It was really inexpensive and pretty so I bought it.  Trash, pure trash.  No color would transfer from the quad to the applicator.  I scratched the surface, still no color.  Told Amazon it was a fake and they refunded my money.  I first heard about makeup and skincare fakes on A when I discovered The Ordinary.  Plus, the prices are higher on A than at TO's own website.

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I've been very happy with W and W cosmetics.


Non irritating (for me), easy to apply, etc.


We can order from their website.  They do have occasional sales, etc.


I'm guessing that some large nation-wide pharmacies still have them in stock.  Also, Amazon, WM, etc.,etc.





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@nana59 wrote:

i only use burt's bees tinted lip balms....i'm retired....and that's all i need....thrown away too many unused lip products....

Something you still have from 50 years ago? LOL Woman LOL

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