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Went to the Dermatologist today and the last word (for me) on Clarisonic

The last time I went to a dermatologist was in about 1995. I was in my mid 30s and had all kinds of concerns. I went for skin peels. As a former acne sufferer I was unhappy with my skin.

My doctor, who was a lovely woman a few years older than me, gave me a series of peels and when I pressed her on dealing with acne scars etc she said, you are lovely, look great, dress like a million bucks...go home, it isn't that important. She sold me exactly NOTHING!!!

Flash forward to 17 years today. I went to the dermatologist because I had a dark spot on my temple that was growing and looking, well, weirder. He did an all over the body check. All good. My temple spot he froze off. He said this is not concerning but it will get bigger so lets freeze it. So he did. I'm a real weenie and it was not a pleasant experience but that's just me.

He did not that I have subcutaneious hyperplasia (like round bumps with a pore hole inside) and I do and I HATE them...more than any acne scar I might have. He said that laser treatment will get rid of them and we could also do tiny capillaries around my nose...$385, single treatment, insurance will not pay. I signed right up for that.

Now to the Clarisonic. I have never had one. He said it's the bomb, you should have one, it's well worth the $195. His assistant demonstrated one for me after he left and I was shocked to feel how gentle it is. I always thought it went in a circle and it doesn' wiggles back and forth as all you happy users well know.

Anyway, I told his assistant I could get it cheaper at QVC and I would buy one. I just did.

He gave me a prescription for a tretinoin gel 0.05% called Atralin. Said it would help with anti aging and the odd breakouts. It's not cheap but he gave me two sample tubes and a $25 off coupon.

Anyone using this product??? Or similar?? How often do you use it? Is it very rough on the skin initially? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.