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Why would anyone continue to use a product that they claim made their hair fall out? Even on just the ends? I'd discontinue use in all forms. Just sayin'.
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@GeorgiaJack wrote:
Before I started using Wen I was using a very expensive product called Deva no poo. Sounds like a crazy name but it's a cleansing conditioner with rave reviews any place you Google it. I found it a bit more reasonable than Wen. My hair grew to the middle of my back, was thick and shiny and gorgeous. My friend who I had not seen in a while thought it was a wig. Fast forward, I thought I would treat myself to Wen finally. Omg I want to cry. I washed my hair and rolled it up damp as I usually do because I don't use a blow-dryer unless I have to. I have shoulder issues. Anyhow the next evening, I was just at home all day not feeling too well I took my hair out to find thick mats that were as tough and hard as cement. I tried everything to soften them up. Argan oil, coconut oil. Nothing so I cut chunks out. It's taken years to finally have long hair past my shoulders that didn't break and alot of pricy product. Deeva no poo isn't cheap. I am devastated and have about 2 inches of roots that I had to to or maybe about 3 in the front. I used my usual high end color not a pharmacy box and my roots are orange. Obviously the Wen doesn't allow for color to penetrate the hair. So I have to wear a hat now. Plus whenever I wash my hair or comb it I find I can just pull out bunches easily when I run the wen through. The drain is clogged with hair and its the same combing. I have a huge mess on my hands and am really depressed because I don't have a clue. Obviously stop Wen and get my Deva no poo. Then get a shorter cut to even it out and color again next month. I am so sad 😢 because beside recovering from a horrendous car accident I lost my hair. With wen it dries straight and dry and with my Deva no poo it dries curly and wavy and full shine. I am so devastated. But I am pretty sick so I don't go out much. Speak about adding insult to injury. 😢



I hope the physicians treating you for your horrendous car accident have told you that severe physical trauma, and resulting treatment can cause hair loss & changes.


Best wishes with your Deva Poo 

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Wen must have a dang tight contract with QVC. Many stylist I spoke with said Wen is bad news.I was using it and my hair started to thin, went to the doctor and a skin doctor. They didn't know why, now they do!