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On all major news stations tonight that Chas Deen is being sued by over 500 women right now in a class action lawsuit over the fact that his products has made their hair fall out.  Can't believe that QVC is still offering his product now.

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This is really bad news for WEN and QVC if they continue to sell the products.  Liability is going to be a nightmare.

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Really?Most of us know what you are up to.

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This post has been removed by QVC because of unkind name

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I've said it before and I'll say it again....any product has the potential to have ill effects on any given person. That's the risk every person takes every time they use a product or take in food/beverage/drugs, etc. Buyer beware! Google the name of any product and "lawsuit" or "reactions" or "problems" and you'll see the same stuff.
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Class Action suit. As most of these lawsuits, the lawyers are out for the money and will walk away with the millions. The few that are part of the lawsuit will get a few bucks. I'll be surprised if the women and men in the lawsuit walk away with more than $100 or so. The moral of this is that there are TOO MANY LAWYWERS looking for lawsuits about anything. It's amazing that WEN, with being as popular as it is, was not hit long ago with some type of lawsuit. Lawyers love to go after companies with the big bucks. Yes, some have reported hair loss. I'm sure other products on the market have done similar. Unfortunately this will be in the news and so many will come out now with the smallest of complaints in hopes to get in this lawsuit and take home some money. People...the only ones that come out ahead are the lawyers by taking home millions of dollars. The WEN users will get a few dollars.

I love my WEN products and will continue using faithfully.

Hopefully the lawyers that will walk away with millions of dollars won't affect us being able to purchase WEN. I hope the company and Chaz Dean will be able to offer his products and prices that are affordable here at QVC in the future after this lawsuit is settled. I will and always will be a fan of Wen because my hair and scalp has never looked or felt better.


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I am not in this debate, but it is so true, the lawyers end up getting rich and the rest get a token amount, usually. 

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Just saw this on the Today show!!!

"friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel"
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And now it's on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose. The law suits are for real and they showed the bald scalps and rashes that are alleged to have been caused by using these products. More than 200 people are involved in two class action suits.

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I use Wen and I've never had a problem with losing my hair.  Wen is the only product that doesn't make my hair fall out.  Every time I switch to a shampoo that lathers I find my comb is full of hair. Wen makes my comb glide through without having to struggle to get a comb through my hair.  Wen is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair.  My hair is silky, smooth and shiny.  I cannot get those results from any other cleansing product, and I've tried many.  All I can say is that anybody that has a problem with a product should stop using that product.  Not everything is for everyone.