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Wen gallons available now - Classics, Kids & Summer Seasonals (two)


The Wen gallons are now available at QVC per Chaz's latest email!! 


The Wen gallons listed below are available for purchase right now: 


WEN by Chaz Dean Classic Cond. One Gallon Auto-Delivery  -- $177.00

WEN by Chaz Dean Classic Cleansing Cond. One Gallon -- $177.00

WEN by ChazDean Kids Cleansing Conditioner, One Gallon Auto-Delivery -- $177.00 

WEN by Chaz Dean Kids Cleansing Conditioner, One Gallon -- $177.00 

WEN by Chaz Dean Seasonal Cond. One Gallon Auto-Delivery -- $189.00 

WEN by Chaz Dean Seasonal Cleansing Cond. One Gallon -- $189.00 


Right now only the Summer Honey Peach (SHP) and the Summer Coconut Mango (SCM) are available. -- Does anyone know if the Summer Coconut Lime Verbena (SCLV) will be available in the gallon size? 


Btw, QVC has a WEN forum forum which is all Wen, all the time. Hope to see you there!!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy








WEN by Chaz Dean main image
We're back and we brought Gallons!Team WEN has arrived safe and sound in West Chester, PA and we've been hard at work the past few days prepping models and planning out shows. Gallons are our most popular item and every year they sell out fast. Don't wait to order your favorite formula.
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