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Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

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I'm really interested in hearing how each of us finally decided to start using Wen. Arianny asked me this question in a different thread, so all the credit goes to her for what I think is a really great question.


Here's my Wen backstory...


I've been using Wen since I finally broke down and bought the December 2010 TSV. I had probably been watching Chaz's shows off and on for 3-4 years before that. Back in maybe 2006, I was watching QVC and I decided to go with either Wen or Ojon. After watching many shows, I finally went with Ojon because I just couldn't quite understand this cleansing conditioner concept. So I just stayed with what I knew. Ojon was so much better than anything else I had ever used that it took me another 3-4 years to try out Wen. I just knew I was going to return it... but I never did. Smiley Happy


While there was a learning curve with Wen, from my very first cleanse Wen kicked Ojon's tail. I knew I was never going back. After my very first Wen cleanse, I has soft and luxurious hair. I couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair for 3-4 months. Really!! Two years later I gave all my Ojon products to a good friend who loves Ojon. And I gave the rest of my shampoo to my mom who thought she had hit the jackpot. They were happy, and I was happy. Smiley Happy Everyone was happy.


Once I started using Wen, my biggest dilemma was how little CC to use. I have thin/fine shoulder length hair and my very first cleanse took a solid 10 minutes to rinse out. Over a period of 3-4 months I slowly reduced the number of pumps I used (from a 16 oz. bottle). I actually found that I could "get by" with 2 pumps for a quick cleanse but, generally, I use between 5-9 total pumps for cleansing (split between two cleanses -- rinse & repeat). I'm not going to recommend that for everyone, but a number of people who have thin/fine hair do use a lot less CC. -- As I've mentioned before... the rule is that there are no hard and fast rules. Smile





Below are some of the results I saw once I stopped using shampoo and started using Wen:


* no more split ends -- none!


* no static electricity hair


* really reduced flyaways


* reduced frizz


* healthy hair with body, shine and lustre -- literally, for the first four months after using Wen, I couldn't stop touching my hair.


* my scalp is healthy -- it even feels healthy


* the hair at the base of my scalp now has natural lift to it (even if I'm only using the CC, and not the SC or the mousse)


* the thickness of the end of my hair is almost the same as the thickness at the scalp


* my hair always grew at a snails pace, and now it is growing over 1 inch per month.


* my scalp used to become a greasy oil slick within 18 hours of cleansing. These days I can go 3-4 days between cleanses.


* my hair color went from a mousy light brown to a deep chestnut darker brown (like the former Wen model, Anna Fox). The change was so evident that people regularly commented on it. It looked as though I had bleached my hair and was growing the damaged hair out. I don't use any chemical processes on my hair and I never blow dry it... though, occasionally, I will dry it in front of a portable fan. *s*





About a year and a half after switching to Wen, I had to go back to using Ojon for close to a year due to three consecutive surgeries. I couldn't use Wen because its essential oils could play havoc with my healing incisions.


I went back to using Ojon and my hair reverted to its pre-Wen state: split ends, frizzies, oily scalp, bleached-look & dry hair, etc. Smiley Happy -- That said, I was mending from multiple surgeries so I had other more pressing concerns... still, I was really unhappy about the unhealthy state of my hair.


Once I was was given the go ahead to use Wen again, my hair bounced back into shape. It took over a year for the last of the redamaged hair to grow out, but these days I have a full and healthy head of Wen hair.


It's been smooth sailing since then!!!


-- bebe Smiley Happy


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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

So glad you love it and I agree, NO split ends! I didn't cut my hair for a full year and my hair had very few split ends. I had to go back to regular shampoo, and boy does my hair miss Wen. I never could go more then one day, no matter how I used it, rinsed, frothed with water, etc....hopefully, I can go back to using Wen full time. I now use it only if I need my hair to look amazing that day. It really makes a difference in my hair color as well, richer, shinier, color. I'll be back, that's for sure! Bamboo will be my first purchase, I've never tried that one but it sounds great for me.
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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

Yes, have been using it less than a year. Have followed advice on the forum and both my husband & I see a BIG difference. Unbelievable results.
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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

Absolutely, without a doubt! My hair is thin and fine and was always dry and damaged, along with having an oily scalp. I couldnt grow it out because it was so fine and limp.

I now have hair down to my collarbone after 1.5 years with Wen. It is still fine hair, but it is not damaged, I can go months between trims, and it is not dry.

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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

I've been using WEN since November, and I'm already loving what I see. My hair is fine/thin too, and I used a curling iron for years so my ends were a frizzy mess. Between the CC, SC, and the oils, the frizzies are gone! I noticed that I'm getting that little "flip" on the ends too, and I love it!

I wash my hair every morning, so I do the full two cleanses only 2-3 times a week, when I'm not rushing to get out the door. I'm still getting excellent results though. Can't wait to see what my hair will be like in another six months or so. I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and try WEN. Best decision I ever made!

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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

I watched Chaz for quite awhile, and read nearly every thread on this board before taking the plunge last fall. I just used WEN as a leave-in for awhile, then started cleansing with it in January.

My hair wasn't really in bad shape, but it was getting a little dry from highlighting it. I've had good, thick hair all my life (59 years) and wanted to forestall any further damage. My regular conditioner just wasn't quite doing it for me any more.

As of March, I'm a total WEN girl...quit using hairspray when I got the VTS during Chaz's last visit, and I've finally learned to do a decent blowout, so I'm using the CHI only occasionally! Just got some ReMoist yesterday, and will try it next week after I get highlights.

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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

bebe - great thread {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}. Fun to read everyone's story.

I've been using WEN for 8 yrs. I saw Chaz on QVC, his philosophy of healthy hair was in line with what I believed in for years, but didn't have access to products that did that (I followed Philip Kingsley and Vidal Sassoon when they were in all the fashion magazines back in the early 1970's with their "radical" ideas of natural hair). From my early teens I had an extremely oily scalp with baby fine hair. I did use an organic herbal/essential oil line that had scalp treatments and non-sudsing shampoo for a few years as an older teen that really worked for my hair, but it was a small company like Avon or Mary Kay that never really got off the ground and went out of business after only 2-3 years. After that I was using shampoo for oily hair and my scalp was pumping out oil like crazy but my hair was dry, flyaway and static. My scalp was so oily that some days it would actually drip oil down my forehead and neck by afternoon, so I had to shampoo twice a day. Yet my hair was so dry and had so much static it just floated around my head - like I had rubbed my head with a balloon.

WEN made so much sense to me I ordered it the first time I saw Chaz. From the beginning I saw a tremendous difference - my scalp calmed down, my hair was moisturized and actually would hold a style. It took several months for my scalp to become normal, but I wasn't using the oils and was the only one I knew that was using this "weird stuff". I used SAM at first, then got CA when it came out, then the Lav. I just used it, didn't mix the ccs, didn't switch them up depending on how my hair felt, etc, never even thought of watching Chaz' shows to learn technique. Still had great success - enough that I never went back.

*no more oil slick

*no more flyaway hair

*no more split ends

*no more perms to get body - it has natural bounce and lift now

*I don't fuss with my hair - I cleanse it, style it and am done for 2-3 days

*don't have to use multiple products/tools to try and get a style or have it hold for a few hours

It was great when I found this forum and discovered I wasn't alone - there were others who used WEN and were learning and talking about healthy hair.

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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

I started using Wen because of the infomercial. I wanted my hair to be bouncy and shiny like the Wen models. I ordered years ago and didn't like it. I wasn't rinsing enough or adding a splash of water. I tried again later and have now been using Wen for almost two years (May). I started with lavender, but now I love several of the cc's. It did take some time to figure out the correct number of pumps for my hair. I do agree with bebe777 that there are no hard and fast rules. Since using Wen, I notice the following changes in my hair: bouncy, shiny, no split ends, grows like crazy, soft, no static, manageable, scalp is not as i tchy, holds curl longer, richer color, thicker, etc. I am probably forgetting something. My whole family uses Wen. My husband, 9 year old daughter, and 4 year old son love it. We all have beautiful, healthy hair.
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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

I see a very big difference just using it as my conditioner. I understand I use it differently and not the way Chaz recommends but it works for me. I also highly recommend his mousse which imparts a lot of body and shine. I believe strongly that the results from Wen also have to do with Chaz's recommendation about using less heat on the hair and using a quality hairbrush....
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Re: Wen -- Do you see a big difference in your hair from when you were using regular shampoo?

My hair actually behaves now. I have curly hair which I can straighten with a round brush.

The texture of my hair was changing, I noticed. I used to have wavy, bouncy curls; but then it just looked frizzy all the time. Since using Wen, I'm back to my "youthful" hair.

I notice the color lasts so much longer too.

I never use hair spray or mouse either.