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Re: Well this is a weird reason to possibly quit Wen...

Socmom, I feel your pain about the beauty salon bills. I originally started using Wen out of desparation after a medication I was taking made my hair fall out -- and I mean really fall out --so that I looked awful with thin, impossible hair. I stopped the medicine, but you might be aware that all the hair follicles aren't in a growth phase at the same time, so it always takes many months for hair to regrow. And when it did it came in very curly. The upkeep with heat appliances was killing what hair I did have. I'd heard of Wen and decided I needed to try something new. It was not only curly, but started growing faster than it ever had! Used to have my regrowth done every 4-5 weeks. Now every 4 weeks is really too long to wait. After nearly 2 years on Wen products only my hair is still growing fast and is thicker than ever. I've gone natural, and had to learn some new techniques for styling. But I love it. My saving grace with the regrowth and highlight frequency issue is that curly styles kind of hide the regrowth. So I see the rapid growth with Wen as a feature, not a glitch! But if I was wearing my hair smooth and getting blond highlights, I think I would be disenchanted, too. Sad for you!!

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Re: Well this is a weird reason to possibly quit Wen...

Chicenmoo, thank you for sharing that. That is awesome about your hair, especially the thickness!

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Re: Well this is a weird reason to possibly quit Wen...

I wish I had this trouble. It would be so nice to be able to cut my hair short and know that it wouldn't be such a big decision if it would grow back fast. I know what you mean though, one time wore mine short and it seemed like it needed a lot more trim and that it would grow out of a hair cut fast!

Still, if cut my hair above my shoulders it would be a year or two before it was to the middle of my back again. Seems slow to me!