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I just recently purchased the Wen TSV.....after an unsuccessful go around with Wen from Guthy- Renker. Anyhow, I LOOOOOOVE this stuff, but so does my whole family. My DH and DS both use POM and my DD and I use both the POM and Pumpkin Ginger. All of us love the results. My daughter, who is only 9, has long, fine, curly hair. She has ALWAYS had issues with knots and for years we had to keep her hair in a bob because she refused to put anything, like barrettes, in her hair. Hated having it brushed at all because her scalp is so sensitive. She adores her Wen. We can comb her hair after a shower, something we could never ever do before. Her hair is soft, silky and her curls look adorable. If she needs to comb or brush dry hair, we spray with the replenishing mist and no problems. My hair is silky, soft and bouncy. Since I have followed the Wen forum for a long time, I have been watching like a hawk for hair falling out or scalp issues. Nothing thus far. We are all loving it and looking forward to the auto-delivery winter scent too!!!