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I'm in line to access the site.


At first there were about 200.000 people in front of me, now we're down to 106.874!




There won't be anything I want by the time I get through. Oh well Cat Sad


Their sales are so popular.


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I just googled over to that page to see if it was what I thought it was.  I am familiar with Lush here in the US.  Are they giving the items for free, with free shipping?  Because that is the only way I'd wait an hour to shop, and even that is questionable.

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@Peaches McPhee


I was hoping that they would launch the new collection of fragrances or that the ones I like would be on sale but by the time they let me in, there was nothing going on.


An hour? LOL more like 5, their timer was way off.


I didn't sweat it at all, I just left my computer on, we went for a walk, came back and checked, still hundred of thousand of people in front of me.

Took bath, went out to dinner, came back, still tens of thousands.


Could't get in until late, before I went to bed.


Their sales are always crazy popular!