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Similar item on Amazon for $800 with 272 lasers brand is called Illumiflow. 

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@skittles2 wrote:

I wasn't going to comment on this post, I don't like to even read them lately, because there's always a few post's about brands that are laughed at, or veiled digs at people choosing to buy them (IMHO)


I just want to encourage that person who's considering this, or any other product, but on the fence because of such your own thing as the poster's on here are, I'm not knocking anyone.


I'm all for "Most Women" and "fools" to choose what is right for them, and while women AND men have various medical issues/aging, causing hair loss, doesn't mean they're being fooled, or insecure.


If they want to look, or feel, a certain way through "beauty" products- all the $$$ spent on skincare that most don't really do anything, at least not long term, in a year, or more time that $$ could be spent on actual facial treatments; botox, fillers, lasers, or mini lifts that actually do something, yes- some skincare may still be needed for whatever skin conditions, but to increase plumpness, lift sagging skin, muscles, etc.,

I get Botox for migraines- it helps my forehead, but it's not skintight, its more injections that forehead regular botox cosmetic- I get injections on the sides of my head front to ack, down the back of my head, back of neck, onto top of should area.  But for beauty - I use Nuface,, Glow roller, , and I've used various other items throughout the years. I am going to a plastic surgeon when I feel safe to go out, for an evaulation for jowl, under eye hollowness, don't know if I'll choose anything, just thought I'd see whats out there.


some people rather would choose those treatments than constantly putting out $$$ for no true benefit, yes, retin a does work, but it too has serious side effects for some, these are all options, no one thing is foolish, or for the insecure... and we choose clothes, exercise, nutrition, tv/movies/music/book that are right for us too- doesn't mean they have "insecurities being played" upon.


I've been using different HairMax products throughout the years, takes no time at all, and I even miss weeks at a time, 


I've saved $$$ on hair products, salon visits, so it evens out in the long run, and I can wear styles I like again. 


The easypays are great, and the 6 month return policy can't be beat, except if you buy this, or anything at Nordstroms or Costco(even though Costco has a return time period, they're great at taking items back)-  both places can return anytime.


Ladies, Gentlemen, do what's right for youCat Happy


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Thank you @skittles2  Excellent info which is beneficial for Q shoppers

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LOL I saw that and almost gasped, too.


I remember watching other presentations of this product--the brush and other caps--but they were a few hundred bucks, max.


I didn't view this presentation in its entirety, so I must be missing something...

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I have a nasty case of shingles right now that spread to my scalp. I was told in that area I might lose hair. My doctor even recommended this device if it becomes an issue. I would not hesitate to purchase it because I know if I had any loss of hair it would affect my self esteem..



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I have something similar and it worked for me. My hair was thinning on top with a visible bald spot in the back and it's gone!  My husband uses it too so it was worth the purchase though I didn't pay anywhere near that amount of money for mine. Check out amazon for similar products for less. 

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@skittles2   The beauty of these forums is the freedom to express opinions. I do respect yours. When I give my opinion, it is just that, my opinion, my thoughts....not a recommendation & nothing written in stone. Every women can decide what's right for her. 

Have a great weekend. 

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@Shelbelle My Mother used Toppix hair fibers for years & it looked so natural, it was a blessing for her too. The compact powders did not work well for her because she had too much to cover. Glad they work well for you!