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Does anyone use Wen once or twice  a week , alternating with a regular shampoo and conditioner as a kind of deep conditioner?



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@5941- I'm a big Wen fan and use it exclusively, but you may get more responses to your questions on the Wen forum.  It's under My Favorite Brand.  Smiley Happy

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Thank You.

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Yes, that would be me.  I am still leary of Wen after hair falling out episode of 2 years ago.  I had concern about my own hair with excessive hair loss.  i didn't cash in on  the proplsed class action lawsuit.  That wouldn't have helped me.  If there nare any new concerns I would be interested in hearing from QVC people.  I do now use Wen a few times then use other shampo and conditioner a few times then go bacl to Wen.  I do like his products.

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I use it only as a traditional conditioner and as a leave-in as he suggests.  The scents are wonderful.  I also use the WEN styling creme before I blow-dry my hair!  I just prefer to wash with my Paul Mitchell shampoo!

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WEN is horrible. I used it exactly as recommended and my hair never looked worse @ and then it started to fall out. When I went back to quality shampoo and conditioner my hair was so shiny and beautiful Will NEVER use again. Buyer beware.. 

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I love Wen and I use it exclusively. I have thick, long coarse hair and I no longer have split ends. My hair looks fantastic. My hairdresser even agrees. I use the cleansing conditioner, styling creme and treatment spray. The hair mask is awesome as well. I stopped the moujse because I really didn't see any difference.


I get my hair highlighted and I don't have to color it as much. Also, my gray has blended in better. 


I wouldn't believe it if I haven't seen the difference myself.