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Got  a jar of the remoist which i  find is too heavy for my hair.  Not wanting to waste it,  I tried "washing" my hands with it.  Wow does it ever soften!  So expensive so I am very happy I found a use for it!!

I only use WEN cleansing conditioner now.  All other products just don't work for me.  I am leaning more towards Tweaked products...and the prices are so much more reasonable.

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If you don't get any feedback, you might consider posting this in the WEN forum (under the My Favorite Brand link to the left of this post). There are a lot of very helpful ladies on that forum who you may interact with, if you wish.


I use the WEN remoist mask every day on my hair, instead of the styling cream or leave-in, etc.  I only use about a nickel-sized portion and only do it on the outer hair, not near or on the scalp. Gives a lot of body to my otherwise, fine, straight hair. 

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Re: WEN remoist mask

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Another fabulous idea.  Use the ReMoist as a super, duper hydrating mask for your face, too (I've even used it as an overnight face mask).  It works wonders.  Don't worry if you don't care for it for your hair.  Your skin will love it too.

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Taking new medication, my hair is super dry, reaching for re-moist very often!

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