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Hi All! I have been using some of the CC's that I had in my stash that didn't work on my hair as a body wash. I have been really enjoying it. I notice a difference in the feel of my skin from when I used soap - it is much softer and more moisturized. Well, I am almost finished using it all up. I hate to use the CC's that work for my hair on my body - I feel like I would run through them pretty quickly if I use them for both. For those who use CC's as body wash, do you buy a bottle specifically for using as a body wash, or do you just use whatever you have in stock for your hair?

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I just use the body cleanser.

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I only use up the WEN that doesn't work on my hair to shave or bathe with. I won't let myself buy the body wash. I know it would be great to use all the time, but I am not willing to spend that much. I spend tons on WEN as it is, so I just can't go there.
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I have been doing this for years,not only on my body but on my face too.

That's how I use up the stash of the ones I don't like and I want to get rid of

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I am finishing up a bottle of the body wash during this extra cold weather, but I really can't tell much difference in the moisture level between the body wash and the CC. When I finish it, I will go back to using the CC as my body wash. I don't buy a different formula, I just use what I have in the shower. But, I have a pretty good stockpile of WEN.

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I've always used the CC as a body wash. As it runs down with my rinse, I really don't have to add much to get a good, creamy clean all over. That way I get to use my fave scents everywhere! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

edited to add - obviously I wash my hair in the shower!

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Yes, I do this. And when I go on vacation, I take one bottle of seasonal WEN and use it for my hair, body, and face. Yes, ut's a big bottle, but three separate products take up about as much room in my luggage. I just have to check the bag because it's too many ounces for a carry-on.

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Yes - me too. Lately I have been using BGT as a body wash or really any of the CC work great. I usually use BGT or a Seasonal for my face ( only have those in 16oz) or 613. I have the POM NBL because it came with an "insane" OTO and really like that, but would probably only repurchase if it was in another great OTO. But the 613 Nourishing Body Treatment - I would definitely buy again. Love that product.{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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I love the 613 Nourishing Body Treatment, too. It's fantastic on my face as well. And I use the 613 CC to cleanse my face.

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Thanks for the ideas. I stopped using WEN on my hair when I fell in love with Alterna bamboo products after the wen seemed to stop working for me. I will try using as a body cleanser.
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