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I think I am allergic. I didn't mind the scent and I didn't love it either. But the results are the best I have had with anything on my hair. I air dried and it looked as good as when I blow dry. It felt like so soft and full I wanted to play with it all day.

Then my eyes started to itc*, always the first sign of a cosmetic allergy on me. 12 hours later my neck was itc*ing. When I woke up this morning my shoulders were itc*ing. Basically any place that my hair touched was itc*ing. I used Fig today and will give it at least 24 hours before I try WCM again. I really hope it wasn't the WCM. Go figure best hair day yet with the least work and I am possibly allergic.

I am so seldom allergic or sensitive that I am hoping it was something random. Usually I am only allergic/sensitive to eye primers and fingernail polish. I don't ever wear nail polish and finally hit on the right eye primer.

I can't believe the words not allowed here, really. Itc* as in something that makes your skin red and you want to scratch at it.