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I did a foot peel 8 days ago, lots of peeling ,but my feet are so very dry now.

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Before you go to bed try rubbing coconut oil on your feet and put on a pair of socks.  Also, soak your feet in warm water with apple cider vinegar.  I do that every Sunday afternoon and it helps.

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okeefe's foot cream, then wear socks after application. it really worked for when i had chapped heels. exfoliating once in a while will hasten the healing in tandem with this cream. less than $10. 

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Re: Very dry feet

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I use a tin of raw Shea Butter I got free from amazon.  I just pick it up and rub the tin over my heels every morning and rub in.  No problem!  I'm the tops in retail now and no heel problems at all!  I"m all for what works!


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@goldensrbest wrote:

I did a foot peel 8 days ago, lots of peeling ,but my feet are so very dry now.

I can recommend Gold Bond Diabetic Foot Cream in the tube. Apply after bathing and rub in everywhere you had that peeling product, and then put on socks. Do it every day and see how your feet are in a week.


I hope you report back and let us know what's worked. Lots of people are trying those foot peels, so I'm sure your experiences would be helpful to others.  I was tempted to try a peel, but with diabetes and vascular issues, it would not have been wise.



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I have tried numerous foot creams the best hands down is: Atrac-Tain Superior Moisturizing Cream. I get it at Amazon. This cream healed my feet within days. I have read good reviews about tons of other creams and none worked...but this cream was a life saver.


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Vaseline.  Cheap, easy and it works.  Rub it on your heels before you go to bed, put on socks and remove in the morning. 

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I did a foot peel last spring and it said not to use moisturizers because that will decrease the amount of peeling. It recommended soaking your feet in warm water every day and removing the skin that's ready to be removed. After its all peeled then you can use moisturizer.

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@goldensrbest wrote:

I did a foot peel 8 days ago, lots of peeling ,but my feet are so very dry now.

I get a pedi every few months and do my feet in between myself. She does an acid peel on my feet before the filing the rough heels and behind big toe, etc. (I walk barefoot a lot). She said lotions & potions can't get through to soften feet unless you deeply exfoliate them first...just like your face. I use a small amount of Exfolikate on my feet. I use it on my face twice a month. It's a physical and chemical peel. Works wonders. Afterwards, any rich cream takes care of my dry feet...usually Cerave during the day and Vaseline or Marula Oil w/ cotton socks at night. 

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@goldensrbest,  At bedtime rub Vaseline on your feet and put on a thin pair of white socks.  Do that for 2 or 3 nights.  In the morning lotion your feet.  Lotion your feet after dinner.  You have to get the moisture back in your skin.

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