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Vera Wang's Lovestruck - anybody??

Hey ladies,
About a month ago I bought the Lovestruck gift set. I thought I would like it since I smelled it before I bought it, plus I had worn Wang's Princess when it first came out. I really liked that fragrance. Well, I DON'T like this Lovestruck. It is way too heavy on me. The sad part is that I cannot return it because I threw away the gift box it came in. So, if anyone would like to purchase a 3.4 oz bottle of EDP Lovestruck (only used once) and/or a 5 oz tube of Lovestruck body lotion (never used), contact me here or at . I'd hate to see it go to waste. I'd give it to my niece, but she's only 18 and likes lighter fragrances.

I'm probably violating rules, but like I said, I'd hate for it to go to waste.