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Updating as promised...found solution for my Keratosis Pilaris!

Hello Smiley Happy

A few weeks ago I posted a question asking for products that have helped eliminate your Keratosis Pilaris. After trying some and a few dozen others in the past (suggested by doctors, ppl on this board, etc) I decided to go to a new derm b/c nothing was working.

She prescribed Cleocin-T lotion & after using it (along with dry skin brushing) my Keratosis Pilaris is almost gone! I think I have a particularly difficult case b/c it covers a large area & the bumps are almost pimple-like as they always contain a trapped hair folicle & excess keratin. They were also noticeable in color (pink/red) vs skin color.

I use a brush for dry skin brushing in a circular motion on the areas in am/pm & then apply the lotion (2x/day).

So, I am sharing this info because I am SO happy & hope to help someone else! Smiley Happy