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Update as promised on gas hose spewing

I read up to page six...........I see a lot of people thinking I am lying. Ok, that is ok but who would make this up and it is still urgent to me even though it happened April 12 at 4pm.  I still have not heard from the attorney I called that my stylist client gave me other than HOW MUCH DO I THINK MY MEDICAL BILL WILL BE...........someone said SEE a dermatologist and thank you.........because I found one from New York and has great reveiws from people and so I went to him yesterday..........I got a good report. I never thought he would ever let me color again........yes the eye is still messed up but I will try and write this easy for people to understand that want to know.


He said the scalp looked good and that I could recolor in one month. I could not believe it and he said yes and I don't think you need a prescription but I said well my head is itching some and he said that would be correct for gasoline on me and I waited one hour to get home because the grocery store kept me outside asking me questions and I was screaming I have to get home. THEY DID NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING TO FLUSH OUT MY EYE, THEY DID NOT GIVE ME A TOWEL or offer from a spout of water where I could place my face and eye and hair under the water until they would let me leave and I should have just driven off and ran home but I did not want them to say I left the scene.  I have been talking to enviromental agencies OSHA...but I am not an employee of the store so they can not help me but he called me back the man fro OSHA in our state and wanted to know the store number and address and said he was driving in the next day to take a look all over the area and the store because I said I understand you can't help me since I am not an employee but may I suggest and ask you to go to the store and make sure it is safe for the employees. He did.......or said he was going and I think so as he called for their address, store number and telephone number. He was very kind. I called Petrolum companies since I posted to you ladies and they said well you need to call this number and they just kept sending me to other agencies.......they were all nice. I told them after I read what some of you ladies wrote that WHY DID THIS COMPANY not help me is there not accidental protocal?  I also thought there are people that I have seen pull up to get as and their cigerette lit in their car........The man of the environmental agency said PLEASE DO KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT of your dermatologist and for me to recored all calls of time and date and notes........he said to keep a journal and he as in shock but he says this happens all the time in the USA.........hoses break hoses bust..........for some reason this hose was short as I pulled close into the area of the pump which is probably one reason the gas got all over me too much. 


I can't believe this comany did not call the fire department because really this could have been deadly in a perfect storm shall I say. I contacted since I came to this I am just in I contacted and got information from these agencies and the manager of the store NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ME OR MET ME when I filled out the accident report.  Someone posted on my original that there were cameras, YES thankfully and they won't give me a copy but said they sent it on to their 3rd party..........


I contacted: OSHA.........Regulated Storage Tanks division........AEDQ...........PHMSA..........HAZMET in my town and poison control.........Bureau of Weights and Measures but I think I posted I called him a week too late.......I just could not think as it really made me sick..... I was doing what the company said WASH YOUR CLOTHES IN VINEGAR and I washed 9 loads washing each item adding a few together three times each and let hang on my front porch to try and get the gas smell out........but when I called the company back a man Phillip said IT WILL NEVER COME OUT THROW THE CLOTHES AND SHOES AWAY EVERYTHING YOU HAD ON but I said DO you not want me to bring these things up to the store and he said no because those clothes are not safe........I put them in a trash bag with water in case someone drove by rode by and toss a cigerette in my rubbish were all nice and sorry.........but they could not help me but OSHA is going to check out the store making sure they are up to code and Standard Bureau of Weights and Measures did go out and the hose was brand new and replaced he asked for the old hose, they tossed it away..........So the man of Weights and Measures which check out all gas stations in our state was so nice and said I can't give you back in money what you lost but please call Enviromental someting  and I called them Wednesday and he was glad I was going to the dermatologist as an emergency appointment and I drove two hours to see him.......he gave me a great report on my scalp and hair and did give me a lotion to but on my scalp for inflammation. He said I really do not need it but he thinks I will feel better and rest with less stress having a lotion on as it can't hurt my scalp and this dermatologist said it would be so very rare for anyone to loose their hair with gasoline.......he did say the chemicals of the gas did change the color of my hair but he said from all the pictures I take daily that he has noticed some of the red is not as virbrant as the day of the hose busting on I am god there.........he said I can color in one month and I said what if I wait five months he said ok but you can color again in one month.....he is supposed to be an expert at hair loss and he is Jewish and so am I so I loved being with him and knowing he really is that is out of the way that will be up to my stylist when he is ready to recolor but now with adding QUAI oil on my hair every night I am ok with the color and for some reason it is not as red??


I will see the eye doctor again this month and expect a perfect report taking the meds and using the oinment he wants me to put in my eyes at night so as far as what the gas could do to me year from now THEY HAVE NO IDEA and I saw a doctor for that this past Monday. So I have been busy.....I am more calm now and I am waiting........but when I called the store Wednesday for the address and telephone number and fax number for the third party they use HE HUNG UP ON lol I called back and the sweet young girl that answered the phone you could tell she was nervous bless her and the manager would not come to the phone, remember he sent some one young to meet me for the accident report and one of their employees for a I think they owe me the address of the company and their telephone number because the agent handling my case is not returning my calls...........I left a message I am sorry I got upset with you sir but it was just a shock for me and I thought it would be cut and dry.........and I left that message but he never I called back like I said after the manager hung up on me and I said LOUD I know he is standing there, I have no restraining order and I have never had a ticket or hot check in my life or been in trouble so tell your manager I AM EITHER BRINGING THE POLICE WITH ME TODAY TO YOUR STORE becaucse I can walk in your store but I have chosen to change everything and I am buying elsewhere.........or I AM BRINGING IN HELLS ANGELS in with some live here and I think if I can find them they will walk in with me NO GUNS, lol but I need someone to help me and HE GOT RIGHT ON THE PHONE.........and gave me the number.............and I said I never wanted this to get this far.....I never thought I would have medical visits or medicine and appointments seeing these doctors........and I sir want this over with.........had your company just paid me for the hair repair and my new clothing I had would be over for you and me.................but you and your third party ignored me and as the weeks went by I was having issues......healh issues so sadly I have to see the dermatologist and back to the eye doctor at the end of the month.  So I won't have to go back to the dermatologist so the damage that we know of must be the eye due to the fumes and me standing around waiting..........I did not think WATER to wash off my face........but everyone I called in the city and state agencies has been so kind shown so much conern and is calling and checking on me.  The UPS man picked a package up Wednesday and he said What is wrong you are not your bright cheery self and I told him what happened and he was WHAT?  He had his ear piece in his ear and called his wife as he delivers all the time anyway he said HONEY, think of a new pharmacy and we will be buying food at a new place and I will tell you all about it when I get home.........he said BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY DID TO YOU and the way they HANDLELED the hose spewing gas all over you WE ARE NOT DOING BUSINESS with them anymore as he has known me for years and said what would happen to us if the hose broke on us or my child that likes to get out of the car when I am pumping that was nice .  I am in well I have no words to say to the posts people have posted that this is a joke, this is not true, she is not coming back, NO I do not use social media but my sister does and she suggested I come here to see if anyone has had this happen to them.  I did go to another beauty site and after I posted and they were kind a lady came on a few days ago and SAID OMG I HAD GAS SPILL ALL OVER ME and I thought of you mam..........SO it is not rare it happens the Environmental Agency told me this week.  Anyway, now the eye and I hope they repay my clothes and these bills but the man finally called me back with the third party and he said he has not made a decision if his company will give me any money or accept responsibility but THE HOSE BUSTED ON ME .....and they closed down the pump until they got the new hose thing that is nice weights and measures said they would be watching them like a hawk to find a problem....I thought that was nice and I have found a new store to shop at and a place to get gas that has never been written up by weights and measures.........I will tell you when I got gas Tuesay I was scared to touch that nozzle and I asked the man inside just this once will you get my gas as I told him what happened to me and I tell you I looked at the hose and the nozzle and all around but I was really scared to put gas he did it for me......I will do it next time but I am happy he did it for the saga its not over but it will be ok.........if they do not help me and give me my money back I called my car and home insurance company and I can file a claim with them within a if nothing else I will use my car for medical and homeowners for lost merchandise...........I don't spend time on social media THANK YOU TO THE FEW NICE LADIES and I don't know what to say to those that think I am lying......or making a joke. This is nothing to joke is dangerous and it could happen to you or someone you love so PLEASE if you get your own gasoline check out the hose and make sure it is nice and tight hooked up and that there is no frey and that the nozzle is in good order.......if not move to another pump.  That is the best advice I can give you ladies if you pump gas is to check out the pump, hose and nozzle before you touch my mission now is my healing and my refund on all my expenses and I will be telling people forever about STEP AWAY FROM THE NOZZLE WHICH I DID AND IT DID CLICK OFF but the hose bused........whew be safe........its these things that can cause harm that we never think about.  I did not leave to just share the story but I took some advise that was very good for me and you were so right GET TO A DERMATOLOGIST...........and I did ...........and called all the other agencies and I finally said to the manager I have never met and I said you never apologized to me or meet with me and he said my staff apologized to you and I said BUT YOU ARE THE MANAGER OF THE STORE..........I walked into HOME GOOD yesterday and just looking around visiting with a girl I noticed that used to work for this store and when I told her what happened she said how is K treating you...........and I said HORRIBLE she said I left I hated working for him.......I said I have never seen him but she remembered me coming into the store all the time and she did notice the red hair and that my color was gone.........very nice young lady and she is very happy at Home Goods which I love that store. So again there is nothing else to report I may get paid back my expenses but I may not and they eye well I can't give an answer to that...........I am sill taken back by the defamers, adversaries, attackers, emulators, slandering, calumniators, archenemy and backbiters.   To the kind helpful ladies thank you. To the people that think I am lying   you have given me a reason to stay away from social media. 


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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing

@pinkacolorborn  Glad things have settled down since the 'incident'. You may wish to consult a lawyer, since you feel so strongly.



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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing


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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing

You have been having a rough time getting this sorted out.I hope that in the end you are reimbursed for your expenses and that your eye is ok.

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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing

While I didn't think you were lying, I wanted you to focus on your eye and scalp. I just thought it strange you worried about how your clothes would look with your hair color. It sounds like you are faithfully following up with those agencies that might offer assistance. 

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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing

I would have called 911 from the scene.  Just a thought.

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Re: Update as promised on gas hose spewing

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