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Update:After all the Hospitalizations...O/T

Hi Ladies.... I've been out of the hospital almost 3 months except for minor drainage surgery over Easter weekend for 2 days ( I was so mad!) anyway I'm in the process of getting my prosthesis... I can get a print...I want leopard.. my ortho said he will try to see if I can... he kind of looked at me funny lol.. I'm losing weight finally and all my tests look good... no more infections. My kitty Toby is very content with me being home again and is almost 9 years old but has been playing like a kitten lately since it's gotten warmer. He is my baby! I missed him SO much for SO im still doing youtube videos for fun and right now I'm doing a bath and body works spring giveaway... if anyone wants to enter , it ends in 3 days... my channel is anjellica65,,,2 ls....anyway just wanted to check in with my BE buddies and say hi... I saw on the Q that shows are coming up... I don't need anything but I'll be watching! lol... xox