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Re: Underarm Hair

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I would just like to know why women "have to" shave their underarms and men don't.  Who made this decision?


We have to do a lot of things men don't have to...welcome to being a woman!  Hopefully, you're not just finding this out!  Plus, I think armpit hair on a woman is kinda ugly (just my opinion of course).

You think it's ugly as most people do because we've been socialized and conditioned to think that way and that was the essence of my question.  Your statement illustrates perfectly how women have been told what is acceptable in beauty or not. Who decided that something that is naturally present on all humans is ugly on women but not on men?

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Now in Menopause I have no underarm hair at all.  I also do not have to shave my legs either..... another good thing about the change besides no periods😄

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@kelshar- Can you consider epilating?  I've been epilating my underarms for over 7 years now and I only epilate once a month now.  I use Dove Cleartone for underarm deodorant. 

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I guess I'm lucky, even as a young person I never had much hair on my body. I did have to shave my legs and under arms every couple of weeks though. Now as a senior and after using an epilator for a few years, I only occasionally see a stray hair some where. To keep the skin under my arms soft and even toned,I use an exfoliating wash and follow with skin lotion at least 3 times a week. Under arms look good for 68.

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My hair stopped growing under my arms and on my legs when I was in my 50's so maybe that willl happen to you.  I think it was a menopause thing.

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I used this in high school for a faint mustache.  I think it would work for you too.


Image result for nair for sensitive areas

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@San Antonio Gal I am actually thinking of epilating. I think QVC sells them.

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@kelshar I feel for you.  My sister-in-law has fair skin, dark brown eyes and very dark brown hair( (including underarm and legs).  In the summer. she was either shaving or using a hair removal cream under her arms twice a day so she could wear her swimsuit, a sundress, even a tank top comfortably.  Still, she was unable to get rid of the dark shadow.  In the months preceding her June wedding, she had electrolysis treatments to remove the hair forever. That was 3 years ago and I've heard her say more than once, she wishes she hadn't waited as long as she did to get the electrolysis. 

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I can't answer, I can't relate to that.  I only have to shave my underarms and my legs 3 or 4 times a year.  

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I'm relieved that I do NOT have hair issues on these parts of my body:


Face, arms, belly and back.


No hair on those parts of me. LOL