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On 3/12/2015 golfcartrider said:

If you contact the home office you can request a fragrance free catalog.

I didn't know that! Thanks for the info. I have never been particularly scent sensitive but this one was over the top.

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If they are in my mail (Macy's or Ulta) I immediately put them in the garage garbage as I'm highly allergic to these perfume samples. I won't shop Macy's as they always have someone giving out samples or spraying perfume on cards & handing them out. And I love the Kirklands home store, Bed Bath & Beyond, but can't shop there because of those sachet packets they have all over the store -- I've complained to corporate to no avail! So I totally understand allergies to perfumes, candles, air freshners, etc. hope you feel better & hope these companies realize they are losing customers!
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On 3/12/2015 kcladyz said:

I have had an awards card for about a year and never received a catalog. I myself love perfume but not the overpowering kind. overpowering perfume especially floral gives me migraines

It's not a 'catalogue' per se. It's more like an ad paper similar to what Rite Aid sends out weekly.

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So sorry this happened to you, I hope you are feeling better. I received the ULTA catalog as well and immediately removed the ANGEL fragrance insert. I smelled it without even opening it, I loathe this scent! This was also put into a magazine I subscribe too enclosed in a plastic bag and my magazine reeked of this scent for days. As a rule I am open to most scents but just cannot take the smell of ANGEL.

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Mine did not come with the fragrance samples. They must have taken them out because of complaints. I hope those affected are feeling better.

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I hope mine doesn't come in with an insert of perfume. I don't like any sale catalog w/perfume sorry you had to endure that.......and the dreaded Prednisone......breathing treatments, inhalers, etc... I hope you start feeling better soon.... I'm still trying to get mine under control.....
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On 3/12/2015 FUTURE said: I noticed the scent was extremely strong, too! I'm not sensitive to scents, per say, but this one was nearly overwhelming. Im sorry you had that reaction!!


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Hope you are feeling better...I received mine yesterday and put all the scents together and closed it up.

I just got it out and am very sensitive to scents myself, I usually just throw them out when I look through it. I just opened the 4 of them up and took a quick sniff of them. One was stronger than the others.

Anyway..I got a headache started from the quick sniffs of the scents..... from now on I'll just throw them out !!

Feel better soon..

deja vu

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I am so sorry this happened to you. I have struggled for years with fragrance. The retailers can easily have their catalogs shrink wrapped but many don't care, they are cheap, the perfume inserts just spill out of the brochures and the catalogs, especially in Sunday newspapers.

I no longer use credit cards from retailers who insist on inserting a fragrance sample or two in the monthly statement. I have used unscented products for years.

I rarely take elevators because I have had several asthma attacks in them standing next to others with colognes and aftershaves. I am extremely cautious attending theater and church and concerts unless I can get an aisle seat near a doorway. Also I tend to steer clear of cosmetic counter areas at dept. stores since the scent can be overwhelming. I usually shop at them early in the day before the air is full of fragrance testing. Opening the door at some stores is enough for me, the warning goes off and I know not to step inside. Some smell so strong you can smell them as you walk by outside, esp. candle shops, cosmetic and skin care shops, and gift shops with potpourri, scented soaps and incense.

Please take care of yourself. I try to trash these items asap and not let them further than my front door.

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I don't think anything with fragrance should be placed in the mail. I hear stories about this all the time. Those mailings even bother the people who deliver it to you.