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I watched the presentations, didn't really grasp the difference in the products but thought I'd give it a try anyway as my hair is thin, fine, color treated, and can use all the help it can get. So it arrived today, thought I'd get a booklet or something but didn't. What's the difference in the tub vs tubes, just the scents? Anybody tried them yet? Would love to hear some reviews.

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The tub and the tubes are the all the same thing, just different "flavors" so to speak.  One of the tubes though is a balm to be used after washing on either damp and/or dry hair.  There should be instructions on the containers.

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I did not order because I got the Tweaked TSV last year and it was really not good on my hair. It was a tub called Restore. Who knows what was in it? but it did not work at all like was shown on models. It made my hair very oily even if I used a tiny pea sized amount. Now I won't order any of the Tweaked products.

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Re: Tweak’d TSV

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  • Thanks for your replies. I had just showered when this TSV arrived at my door, never expected it that fast from Q. I got out a magnifying glass and read the teeny tiny writing on the bottles but won't wash for a couple of days (trying to save my color and my hair! ) Anyway, I did like the scents and I liked the few Ojon items I have tried in the past so I'm hopeful. Anybody try this TSV yet?