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Re: Tweak'd A370823



Shelf life two years. Loving! Wild Summer Apricot. Started cleansing my body and face. One product, Does it all. Dream Big, wasn't for me. 

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Re: Tweak'd A370823

@Sweet_Serenity dont know if you saw hsn has the wild apricot spray for $15.99 on sale with f/s of all his stuff........I bought the spray and now have 3 bottles i just love it as well as the cleanser...After reading your review i bought the cleanser from qvc and am blown away by the shine it gives my hair...Its a keeper for me and bought more of it from hsn...On sale right now for $26.00......I didnt need the hand cream so hsn is a better deal for me.....I guess i am more sensitive to smells than all of you because i thought it was strong but can live with it for the great results it gives....The only other one i used was cloud which is great but i dont get the shine like i do with wild apricot..Denis is really gifted in whats good for hair!