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Re: Turned off by cosmetic presentations

@colleena wrote:

@bonnielu The shows I find really eye opening are the ones hosted by Jane, Mary Beth, Pat - the hosts ages closer to age 60 & have been with the Q since the beginning.  They have been offered/educated/used the different beauty products from the highest prices/ingredients to the lower priced.  Seeing how they have aged in HD has really helped me see the real thing & it's darn scary.  They all are beautiful but seeing Pat after fillers/botox & Mary Beth not using as much product/makeup - it's visually in the camera & wow, it's real.

I thought this a long time ago.  One night JT was on and I was putting something together in front of TV.   It was not good and that proved to me that these products do nothing but empty your wallet. They really need to stick to the younger hosts like Sandra who has beautiful skin and looks nothing close to her age.