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And WOW, am I impressed.  Went to ULTA over the weekend and bought some new items - ELF Halo Glow (had this at one point and decluttered it but then decided I wanted to try it again); Mabelline Fit Me loose face powder in light; MAC eyeshadow in Orb (heard it mentioned on here).


Tried something new with my foundation - NARS.  Saw a YTer dotting the ELF halo glow around in different spots where she wanted a little glow, then applying her foundation and blending them together.  So thought I'd give it a try and I like how it looks a lot.  Will definitely be applying the ELF product this way from now on.


Maybelline Fit Me - Have powders that are ok but that's it.  When it comes to powder, I use it sparingly.  This powder blew me away this morning. Had heard often about how good it is from different YTers so thought why not try it.  I am so impressed.  Even used a bit of it under my eyes and it looks great hours after applying.  On my 69-1/2 year old skin, it looks so much better than my other more expensive powders. Next time I'm in ULTA I may purchase the compact so I can take it with me if I want to.


MAC - Orb eyeshadow.  What a nice eyeshadow.  It's a light eyeshadow thats great for every day.  I put it on my lid and it had just the right amount of brightness to it.  It's nice for a neutral every day kind of shadow.  Put a med brown shade in my crease and then lined my eyes with a darker brown shade.  All worked well together.  Nice neutral eye look, not over the top but enough to feel put together for running errands or lunch out with friends, work, etc.


My shopping trip to ULTA was a success!  

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

@JudyL   Sounds like you had a great time experimenting with new products and all winners. Good for you.

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

I have been on the hunt for new cosmetics and skincare, especially as we transition into spring! My current makeup routine, and color palette is boring, and needs a little pizazz!!😁 Sounds like a trip to Ulta is in my near future!😁 I am glad you had a pleasant shopping experience, and THANK for posting!!!🥰


Enjoy your new finds!😊



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Re: Tried some new makeup today



That was a successful Ulta trip Smiley Happy

You must be on first name basis with the girls at Ulta (g)

I didn't go makeup shopping but it felt like it.

I totally forgot about the Givenchy 9 pan palette 

I got in the mail at least a couple of weeks ago.

It was a nice surprise.

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

Maybelline Fit Me powder has been my absolute fave for quite awhile. And I have Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Kosas and other high end powders. Still like Maybelline best. But I have only used the pressed version and have yet to try the loose. With loose powder I tend to to spill it all over creation! 

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Re: Tried some new makeup today


Which NARS foundation do you use? I am looking for a new foundation.


Thank you 🙂

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

Stated using Maybelline Fit me Matte compact powder years ago. I dont know how i came across it. I apply with a brush. I always have a spare on hand so i never un out. I put this over Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless Creme foundation. 

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

@JudyL  that was me that mentioned Orb, I'm glad you like it!

I also have the Fit Me powder in my arsenal. It's amazing how good

that little drugstore powder is. 😊

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

@MalibuFox @MalibuFox @LizzieInSRQ @Squirt60 @PansyBoo 


Ordered PCA skin sunscreen on eBay and I love it!
Also ordered PCA lip mask and I think I like it except the surprise is that it contains sucralose so it's a little bit sweet?
Also a stick of a Korean balm came in and so I'm trying this out.

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Re: Tried some new makeup today

@LTT1  yay! Im glad you found a good sunscreen, it's so challenging finding the right"fit" sometimes with sun protection.

Enjoy your new products! I added some new in to my regime, 

and am "back to basics" until my skin settles down😔