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Re: Tretinoin strength question

@Steffdoggy10 wrote:
Isn't the flaking a sign that the tret is working by cell turnover? Last year I got confused on the different strings and ordered the 0.1 Thinking it was a low strength. Oh my gosh no matter what I did I peeled and had strong burning sensation. I'm now using the .025 with no peeling at all. Haven't worked up to using it every night though. Not sure if that is necessary?

@Steffdoggy10 I only use it 3X/week and I'm happy with that.  Even then, I'll get some peeling along the nose-to-mouth line, so I'll put an occlusive there and under my eyes before applying it.  I feel like it's enough at that rate, but I could be wrong.  I like using my other skincare products on the other nights.  I'm on the lowest dose of the Tretinoin Micro.