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Sorry, I'm just not a fan of tattoos on anyone.  

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@millieshops wrote:

I like it on that young well-cared for body.


Will I still like it when she's 71 --  or maybe it won't matter then?

@millieshops    I think when you hit 60, the petals shrivel and fall off.

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@Kachina624lol   -  Thanks for the laugh.

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For a woman, I think trailing tattoos on the back can be pretty, if they're feminine, delicate, smaller symbols and not going as low as this one.


This one is too much, and it actually kinda looks like a temporary, if you look at the details. But, I might be biased, since I'm not fond of colored tattoos. And, no, I don't have one. 

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It's quite pretty, but I'm not a tattoo person. 


Did you see the tattoo that Cindy Crawford's son got on his cheek @lolakimono ?  He got "misunderstood" printed under his right eye.   What a big mistake.

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It's beautifully done but I would have preferred connecting stems on all of them.  I like my tatts where I can see them though so not a fan of anything on the back.

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@Imaoldhippie LOL that ink could definitely be seen by someone else, dress on or off!

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I think it's pretty but disagree w/those who think the artist did a good job. Ink Master is a show I've followed for years and have seen many a flower tatoo done way more realistically than these. To my eye it's too dark and the individual petals need looking at too closely to see each one individually.  But then again, maybe in a different light it would present differently. And that's just MO anyway.

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@shaggygirl Spot on. That's what I noticed, too. Looks like a poor temp, with some dark, smudged details.  


Yep, I've watched Ink Master, too. This artist would have been sent home.  

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I like it.Too much pain involved for big baby like me! I have a couple of small ones.I love the one on my ankle that's 4 tiny footprints to represent the four kitties that I had back then. Only one is still with me so it makes me smile when I look at it.