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Why can't I live close to a Trader Joes!!!  Beauty/lifestyle guru Taylor Wynn must live in TJs.  Everything she shows looks soooooo good!  She showed the Pumpkin Body Butter.  They need an on-line store.  The closest one is 1hr 15mins.

trader joe's pumpkin body butter (#bestofbeauty)

My TJ sold out of the pumpkin butter in one hour ~  I was sad .

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LOL there are lots of candles I'd like to smell like.  Think I'll go light one of  my Forvr candles in the bathroom for a good smelling bath and skincare routine tonight.

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You can buy 100% cold pressed virgin Argan Oil from The Ordinary for $6ish and probably get it at Ulta.  I buy direct from The Ordinary.  I traded Argan Oil for Marula Oil and now use 100% Plant Based Squalane Oil

Ordinary100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil $6.80

The Ordinary The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil to support healthy skin, reduce the appearance of flaking, and add sheen and strength to hair


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I purchase from The Plant Guru on Etsy.


Top notch service. Happy with all of their essential oils as well.


Just purchased Tropic Glow Body Butter, a Tree Hut product from Ulta when it was 25% off. Nice, grown up, not fruity scent.


A bit shy on glow but add a bit of Argan to your application if needed.


Times being what they are and all. 😊

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I get many of my oils, argan included,  from Vitacost!  They have everything plus coupons to boot!

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