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I watched Jill with Tova and her offer of Tova Nights and Signature, in which I brought. What I found almost amazing is how Tova over took Jill in the whole presentation. Jill is hard to overcome because she is lets say pushy and talks a mile a minute. Well, Tova stood close to Jill almost face to face and was grabbing Jill hand and Tova would take her hand and tap Jill on the upper shoulder in close to the chest My Tova you are a Diva and as we all could see you push when it comes to shove.

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Ok lady, let's see how well U R doing when U R Tova's age.

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Good for Tova.....Jill does take over and she is best when hosting by herself....

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I agree, Tova was very good with Jill. She was assertive and didn't let Jill run her over in the usual fashion.

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Yea Tova, you go girl!


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Jill pushy ? Isn't she just doing her job? I like Jill , I think she does a good job! I like Tova too, idk I didn't see what happened.
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On 11/1/2014 Persephonel said: Jill pushy ? Isn't she just doing her job? I like Jill , I think she does a good job!

I did not see this, and I know I should not comment. I'm jumping in because I like Jill's manner, way of speaking, etc. For me, she is a pleasant presenter.

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I cannot tolerate Tova. She seems totally phony to me and always has.

Jill is one of my favorites, but I never watch a Tova show. Not my choice of vendors at all!

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I also watched the 2 ladies. However, I kept thinking of how Tova led us to believe the current Tova fragrance was the same as the "original" mixture. No way!!! How often can we be led astray? I got "screwed" twice. No more Tova anything for me.