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What is the difference between Signature and Platinum?  I remember the days of the newest attempts to emulate the original, which is no longer. At that time Platinum seemed to win. But I have the Signature and love it.  So, now I need to pick up another bottle and also a gift for my mom. Any ideas? 

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Re: Tova Signature or Platinum?

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@turquoisebb -I got Platinum years ago and from what I remember it was a little more spicy and lighter?

I might be remembering wrong but I do remember I liked the original or  Tova Signature better.

But really scents smell differently on everyone's different chemistry, so the only way to tell would be to get it.

I wish they would give samples!

Marily Miglin on HSN used to sell small bottles of about 8 of her fragrances. That was so much fun to try!

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Re: Tova Signature or Platinum?

I bought the Platinum and immediately returned it.  It smelled too old and powdery for me. I was really excited about it, too.

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Re: Tova Signature or Platinum?

@SharonZ  Your comments speak for the Tova Line IMO.  Can't stand her syrupy memories of "Ernie".