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Tournesol Tanning - Evine

Tournesol Tanning is back on Evine today with a Best Value Offer! I'm a big fan of tanning towels and value they are offering is pretty great. $24.99 for 15 Towelettes AND they are taking $5 off when you add a second order in your cart!!

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Re: Tournesol Tanning - Evine

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I only see one review for these and it is one star, person said the smell was just awful. I always found that Tan Towels smelled awful too. I dont think there is a way to get around the terrible self tanner odor that the DHA leaves behind. 

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Re: Tournesol Tanning - Evine

I read reviews on this brand and saw mixed reviews. Some liked the smell and others hated it. Some said they got all streaky and orange. I guess its different for everyone and their body chemistry?