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Re: Tomorrow’s Nail Design - Yes?/No?

Looks like fun!  I like it!

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Re: Tomorrow’s Nail Design - Yes?/No?

@SurferWife wrote:


My nails last 5 weeks (hard gel nails + gel polish).  Are you really hard on your nails?

No I'm not hard on my nails but it was getting pricey and decided once I retired to use the money elsewhere.  

The shellac was my favorite 😍 

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Re: Tomorrow’s Nail Design - Yes?/No?

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

This manicure is really pretty.  If it were me, I'd probably postpone and do it around Memorial Day or July 4th, unless you have something else already in mind for those holidays.


Well, crud.  I forgot about that.  Maybe for Memorial Day I'll do a blue french with red glitter line.  I did something red/blue last Memorial Day.  Here is the picture.  Maybe I'll do that again.  I forgot how cute that turned out!




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