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To all our Northern BE ladies

PLEASE be careful if your in any of the weather that is slamming the upper part of the country. Some really nasty stuff going on and doesn't look like it wants to let up any time soon. Doesn't it seem a bit early in the season for weather this bad to be hitting?? Please take care and of course!! don't be on the roads unless an absolute necessity. Hope everyone can just stay inside safe and warm eating soup or chili and just watching the snow from the comfort of your living room.

Here in Nashville it's a "possibility" we could get a small amount of snow tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. I have Monday off from work so wouldn't bother me if we get some!! Planning on making Santa Fe soup in the crockpot and finishing Christmas decorations {I am SO behind on things since I've been sick all week} so a little snow will just add to the atmosphere!!

Take care everyone and let us know how things are where you are!!