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To STO users -- I have a question!

What can you recommend from Shea Terra for acne? My teenage daughter suffers from breakouts, and we have been trying different things. She has been using Kate Somerville products for a month or so, and at the moment, her skin has never looked worse.

I just received my first STO order today and got to try several of the products tonight. I washed with the Rose Hips Black Soap Cleanser to remove my make-up and followed with the Ghassool Moroccan Lava Clay Mask (mixed with Moroccan Rose Water). After I rinsed the mask off, my skin was the softest it has EVER been! Seriously -- it felt like a baby's skin! I followed with some Argan oil, then the Rooibos cream, plus a little Shea Nilotica on my lips, undereye area and this very annoying red, dry patch under my nose that never seems to go away. Well, my skin feels and looks great! I'm hoping it doesn't go through a "purge", but if it does, I'll deal with it.

I made too much mask, so I put some on my daughter. It did a GREAT job on her nose! Her pores always appear as tiny dark dots, but all of that was gone after she rinsed the mask off. I would like to have her try the STO line to see if that helps to clear her skin. Any suggestions for good products for clearing acne-prone skin? Thanks!